98% of People Can't Tell if These Are Photos of the Real Elvis or One of His Lookalikes! Can You?

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Do you consider Elvis the undisputed King of Rock and Roll? Know all the lyrics to "Love Me Tender" or "Jailhouse Rock"? Take this quiz to prove your love for the King!

Elvis Presley was one of the biggest cultural icons of all time. Born in 1935, by the '50s he was topping the music charts, starring in hit movies, and making girls scream every time he wiggled his hips. He did a brief stint in the Army during the peak of his career, then came back to entertain millions of fans on extended tours and in a popular Las Vegas residency.

Sadly, at only 42 years of age, Elvis died at his home in Graceland, on August 16, 1977. Or at least, that's the official story. Since then, there have been countless reports of Elvis sightings from all over the world, from fans who just can't accept that the King is gone. In fact, a 1997 Gallup poll revealed that 4 percent of Americans - that's 1 out of every 25 people - believe Elvis is still alive and in hiding.

The "Elvis is still alive" thing is so widespread that a group of fans even formed The Elvis Sighting Society in 1989 to keep tracking of all those sightings.

Of course, the whole debate isn't helped by the fact that Elvis has more impersonators than almost any other celebrity. Not only do these impersonators play the role for parties and special events, but they even take part in look-a-like contests held 'round the globe. 

Think you can tell the real Presley from any imitation? Take our quiz and find out!

Elvis's favorite sports were football and racquetball.

So, what started it all? On Elvis's 11th birthday he wished for a bike, which he never received. He got a guitar instead. The rest is history.

One thing many people don't know is that when Elvis was alive, he and Johnny Cash would often impersonate one another other.

Unfortunately, Elvis was known to have been addicted to drugs. What many people don't know, however, is that his addiction may have started in the U.S. military where he was first introduced to amphetamines.

Elvis was well known to U.S. Presidents. In 1970, he met President Nixon. As a gift he brought the president a World War II .45 Colt.

Elvis was notorious for spending his money. In 1964, he purchased the Presidential yacht, "The Potomac," from President Franklin Roosevelt.

In 1977, when Elvis died, there were about 170 impersonators. Today there are over 85,000.

There are so many Elvis impersonators that it's sometimes difficult to identify the real Elvis. In fact, Elvis was said to have taken third place in an Elvis impersonator contest he once entered. While many people believe this, most don't realize that Weekly World News, the reporting publication, wasn't real news. Don't worry, you weren't the only person duped.

Elvis impersonators have been around since his early career. The first was a man named Carl "Cheesie" Nelson from Texarkana, Arkansas. They even performed alongside each other on occasion and developed a long friendship.

Elvis impersonators fall under several categories: Look-alike, sound-alike, combination and Pastiche. Pastiche combines all of them. In addition, the impersonator writes and performs songs in the same style as Elvis.

Elvis festivals were sprouting up long before his death in 1977. Each festival has its fair draw of impersonators. However, the largest gathering was in 2014 when 895 impersonators gathered in the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Some fans just go too far to show their devotion. Take actor Nicholas Cage, for instance. He built a shrine to Elvis and married Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis's only daughter.

Elvis may have already had dance moves, but in 1958, while serving in the military, he took up karate. He ultimately became a black belt.

Elvis and The Beatles changed music forever. But when Elvis met President Richard Nixon, he told Nixon The Beatles were un-American, citing their open drug use and anti-Vietnam views.

One of Elvis's most recognizable physical features is his dark hair. However, he was blonde until his late teens.

Elvis impersonators around the world have strict rules by which they must abide. However, one of the most interesting is in Mogadishu, Somalia where strict Islamic law requires impersonators to have beards.

Elvis held a special place in his heart for Las Vegas. Between 200 and 500 Elvis impersonators perform each year in Vegas. The number varies during the year.

Elvis Presley made more money than nearly any musician who ever performed. To this day, his royalties still bring in a fortune. However, his spending habits, such as yachts, airplanes and cars had him about six months from bankruptcy at the time of his death.

There are at least four movies and one documentary focused on the life of Elvis impersonators. One of the most popular, "Honeymoon in Vegas," features Nicolas Cage, who married Lisa Marie Presley.

Despite Elvis's ridicule of The Beatles'​ open drug use, he died of a drug overdose. The drugs found in his system were: painkillers, Morphine and Demerol; antihistamine, Chlorpheniramine; tranquilizers Placidyl and Valium. He also had Codeine, Ethinamate, Quaaludes, and an unidentified barbiturate.

The Elvis Extravaganza Show band is known as the most famous Elvis Tribute band. They have performed over 1,500 songs and toured with every major musician who played in Elvis Presley's bands throughout his career.

Elvis made peanut butter and banana sandwiches famous. But his true love was burnt bacon.

Elvis impersonators play a wealth of his songs, but many will stick to their favorite Elvis era. The most popular are the 1950s and 1970s.

Despite having a well-known addiction to drugs, Elvis was not fond of alcohol and rarely drank. The reason? He had several alcoholics in his family.

Andy Kaufman had several failed impersonation attempts before nailing Elvis. In fact, Elvis considered Kaufman his favorite. Kaufman is also known as the first real notable impersonator.

In his first public performance, Elvis dressed as a cowboy and sand "Old Shep" at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show competition. Little did anyone know what was to come.

Elvis impersonators do it because they love The King. While many consider their fascination as a part-time gig, some impersonators make a career that taps into the six figures.

Elvis was one of the greatest entertainers the world will ever know. He recorded over 600 songs. He didn't write any of them.

While there are a few major categories of Elvis impersonator, there are dozens of sub-categories. From bearded and fat Elvis look-alikes to national heritage Greek, Italian and German.

Elvis is so popular that even celebrities can't help but impersonate him. Some of the most popular celeb-Elvis impersonators were: Andy Kaufman, Nicolas Cage, Johnny Cash, John Stamos and even Bruno Mars.

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