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Are you a spelling champion and ready to prove it? Even for many people who grow up speaking the English language, spelling poses a challenge throughout their lives. This is because the English language is exceptionally tricky. A true mutt of a language with roots and influence all over the world, words from different sources often have different spelling rules. Words with Latin roots, for example, look, sound and are spelled differently than words with Greek roots. This is part of the reason why English appears to have inconsistent rules.  

There is a reason spelling bees are popular contests that people often watch in total suspense. It takes a lot of skill to spell some of the English language's longest, oddest and most deceptive words perfectly under pressure. Most people even have a few mistakes when using a spell checker. Spelling words perfectly, the first time, from memory requires an impressive amount of brain power. It can be difficult, and sometimes even seem impossible, to get every last tricky word perfectly correct. 

If you are a lover of all the quirks of the English language with a knack for getting your words right, put your mind to the test with this difficult HowStuffWorks spelling quiz! 

The holy grail is said to grant _________ life.

Eternal is an adjective. It describes things which last forever.


Her grandfather was an:

Immigrant is a noun. It is a person who comes to live permanently in a country they were not born in.


Many ancient cultures built:

Pyramid is a noun. A pyramid is a structure with a square or triangular base that comes to a point at the top.


What is your _______?

Quest can be a noun or verb. It is both a long arduous search and undertaking one.


Flowers _______ in spring.

Blossom is the correct spelling. It is both a noun and a verb.


Miley Cyrus is a:

Celebrity is a noun. A celebrity is a famous and well-known individual.


A healthy diet includes:

Fiber is a noun with multiple meanings. It can be applied to human, animal and plant bodies, textiles and foods.


The earth ______ around the sun.

Revolve is a verb. It means to move in a circle on a central axis.


Hannah was an expert on Greek _______.

Myth is a noun. Myths are traditional stories or legends.


______ is one of the seven deadly sins.

Envy is both a noun and a verb. It comes from the Latin word invidere, meaning to regard maliciously.


Desmond is a __________ businessman.

Shrewd is an adjective. It means savvy and clever.


Imani is an _______ of the cause.

Ally is the correct spelling. An ally is a friend, or someone aligned positively with something else.


The flu was a global:

Epidemic is a noun. An epidemic is a deadly disease that infects large numbers of people.


Sharks are largely ________ creatures.

Solitary is an adjective. It means done or existing alone.


The crooked politician was forced to ________ their candidacy.

Withdraw is a verb. It means to remove or take away.


Antelopes are:

Agile is the correct spelling. It is an adjective which means deft and graceful.


They sailed easily on the _______ lake.

Placid is an adjective. It means calm.


Hannibal Lecter is a:

Cannibal is a noun. A cannibalistic creature eats its own kind.


Anna's boyfriend is a:

Disaster is a noun. Synonyms include tragedy, misfortune and failure.


I feel:

Drowsy is an adjective. It means sleepy.


James bought __________ for his lawn.

Fertilizer is a noun. It is a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to make it more fertile.


There was a _________ atmosphere.

Festive is an adjective meaning celebratory. It comes from the Latin word festum which means feast.


Jordan can hold a ________ forever.

Grudge is both a noun and a verb. It can mean a feeling of resentment or to resent.


Kevin felt a _______ of terror.

Jolt is both a noun and a verb. Synonyms include thrust, bump, and jerk.


It's important to use _________ to solve problems.

Logic is a noun. It comes from the Greek word logos, which means word or reason.


Most of the world lives in:

Poverty is a noun. It is the state of being extremely poor.


The cookies seemed to:

Vanish is a verb. It means to disappear.


Julio cried in:

Anguish is a noun. It is a deep feeling of grief.


I listen to a ________ of music genres.

Variety is a noun. It is the quality or state of being diverse.


The teapot is an:

Antiques are valuable collectibles. Their age gives them their value.


We had a ________ walk.

Brisk is an adjective. It means active, fast, or energetic.


Monks _________.

Chant is both a noun and a verb. It is both a rhythmic phrase repeated often by multiple people in unison, or the act of doing this.


Don't touch __________ chemicals.

Hazardous is an adjective. It means dangerous.


I feel ________ pain.

Slight is an adjective. It means that something is in a small amount.


There was only one _______ in the attack.

Fatality is a noun. A fatality is a death caused by an accident, tragedy, war or disease.


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