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By: Olivia Seitz
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Think you can ace this quiz? Are you the one who always wins on trivia night? Do you study trivia in your spare time? Have you cleared all the cards in Trivial Pursuit? Do you eat, sleep, and dream trivia? Then this quiz is for you!

In our world, General Knowledge is all about the fun stuff. You won't find any 2+2=4 here - only what is commonly referred to as "trivia."

And what exactly is trivia? Trivia refers to snippets of information that, in any world other than the How Stuff Works world, mean little to most people. But you're a trivia buff, the go-to gal or guy for all your friends and family's trivia needs. You're the one who knows that the word "trivia" once referred something that was "trivial" or "trite." But no more! Trivia rules!

Here's a warm-up question: Which state is the largest consumer of Jello? Yeah, we know that one is way out there, but hey, you're the trivia buff.

So, if you think you know who was the original King of Rock and Roll, who is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and the name of the evil wizard in the Harry Potter series, let's roll!

Pssst... Utah is the largest consumer of Jello. Who knew?

Agent 007, featured in many movies dating back to 1962, is known as _______ Bond?

What plant is traditionally the primary ingredient in wine?

Which civil rights activist was famous for refusing to give up her seat on a bus?

Which of these letters is not a vowel?

What is the head of the Roman Catholic Church called?

The poster for which film from the 1950s features three skipping characters, all dressed in bright yellow raincoats and swinging umbrellas?

Newton is said to have been inspired by what to describe the theory of gravity?

Which American town was famous for its witch trials?

Who was the original "King" of rock n' roll?

What flightless bird went extinct in the 1660s and has a reputation for stupidity?

What chemical is added to U.S. water supplies in the hopes of improving dental health?

Which of these was not one of Snow White's seven dwarfs?

The human brain communicates with the rest of the body through networks of what?

The famous "I want YOU for the U.S. Army" poster from WWI features an image of whom?

What famous comic strip, written by Bill Watterson, centered around a young boy and his stuffed tiger?

In the "Iliad," Greek forces besiege the people of what kingdom?

Which English king was famous for beheading his wives?

According to the Big Bang Theory, how did the universe begin?

Yellowstone National Park is in which of the following states?

Which U.S. president is thought to have taught himself how to read and write?

Why was the Boston Tea Party so named?

All known elements are organized in something called what?

In the Harry Potter series, Harry must battle which evil wizard?

Which of the following is not an island in Hawaii?

Which of these foods was invented in Australia?

Digestion typically releases what chemical that makes you happy?

Which star doesn't appear to move through the sky over the course of a year?

Who authored "The Lord of the Rings," "The Hobbit," and the many other books which take place in Middle Earth?

What animal feeds almost exclusively on bamboo?

The cardinal is the official bird of which of the following states?

Where is Mount Kilimanjaro?

What is the Taj Mahal?

Where do penguins live?

Which of the following foods is properly considered a nut - not a legume or a seed?

Which language is spoken by the most people on the continent of Africa?

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