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It's on heavy rotation every year for good reason. Somewhere between all the school bullies, soap eating, and broken leg lamps, even the roughest family holidays have their glorious Red Ryder moments to make it all worthwhile. How well do you remember Ralphie's classic Christmas?

What word does Ralphie say (only he doesn't really say that word)?

Ralphie gets in big trouble for saying (but not really saying) fudge.


What does Ralphie's dad first think his leg lamp is?

"It's a Major Award!"


What kind of car does Ralphie's dad drive?

Some men were Baptists, some Catholics — Ralphie's dad was an Oldsmobile man.


What word does Ralphie's dad see on the crate that makes him think his big prize is Italian?

Or as Old Man Parker pronounces it, "fra-jill-ay."


What is Ralphie's big punishment for his fight with Farkus?

After his mom nonchalantly mentions the fight to his dad and then distracts him with talk of football, there's no big fracas from the Farkus Affair.


Why does Randy hide under the sink?

After Ralphie beats up Farkus, Randy believes his dad will be agnry with his brother.


What do the dogs manage to consume?

When the Bumpus' dogs get to his bird, Ralphie's dad is absolutely devastated.


Who gives Ralphie the infamous bunny suit?

Aunt Clara always gives him the nicest things.


What does Ralphie claim happened to his glasses?

To avoid getting in trouble for broken glasses, he creates the icicle story.


Where does Ralphie find one last present from Santa?

Finally, the Red Ryder is his! Ralphie finds his last present behind a desk.


What message does Ralphie's Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring spell out?

It's an Ovaltine commercial. Not even secret agents are immune to advertising.


Which song starts playing when bully Scut Farkus is on screen?

"Farkas" is the Slavic word for wolf.


What makes it almost impossible for Randy to move when he and Ralphie get outside?

Poor Randy. It really was a struggle.


What is the waiter's solution to Mr. Parker's complaint that the Christmas dinner duck is "smiling" at him?

With a swift swing of the knife, Christmas dinner is saved.


What's Randy's reaction to sitting on Santa's lap?

Randy was not happy with Santa.


What does Ralphie's mother do to get his younger brother, Randy, to eat?

It's sure not pretty, but apparently Randy likes pretending to eat from a trough.


What does Ralphie's dad give Ralphie permission to shoot?

Ralphie's old man wouldn't mind getting rid of his nemeses, the Bumpus' dogs.


What's one present that Randy gets?

Randy loves his toy Zeppelin so much he falls asleep holding it.


Who gets his tongue stuck to the pole?

Flick learned the hard way that his tongue would, in fact, freeze to the pole.


Which is the final dare made by Schwartz at the frozen flagpole?

In doing so, Schwartz skipped the triple dare, which Ralphie felt was a slight breach of etiquette.


Who does Ralphie say taught him the word "fudge"?

Although he heard it ten times a day from his old man, Ralphie claims Schwartz taught him "fudge."


Characters from which movie try to interact with Ralphie when he is in line to see Santa?

"Don't bother me," Ralphie says to the Wicked Witch. "I'm, uh, I'm thinking."


What could Ralphie's old man do quicker than a jackrabbit on a date?

He loved replacing fuses, which was in a sense lucky, because he had to do so often.


What does Ralphie's mom claim she's doing when she "accidentally" breaks the leg lamp?

And then she claims they're out of glue.


Where is the actual "A Christmas Story" house?

Most of the film was shot in Toronto and Cleveland.


What's the department store where the family goes to visit Santa?

The Higbee building is still in downtown Cleveland.


Who gets to play Santa and pass out gifts on Christmas Day?

Ralphie gets the honor of handing out the presents for opening.


Who narrates the film?

Jean Shepherd, who wrote the story on which the film is based, narrates as the adult Ralphie.


What kind of BB gun does Ralphie want — nay, need — for Christmas?

The Red Ryder 200-shot range model air rifle, to be exact.


What does Ralphie think is NOT a very good Christmas present?

Ralphie doesn't want a football, although he does accidentally agree to it on Santa's lap.


What song do the waiters sing at the Chinese restaurant?

They're not quite classic versions, but they have a lot of cheer.


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