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The story of a conspiracy that charged two Marines with killing a fellow Marine brought impressive star power to the silver screen including Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon to name a few.  Do you recall how challenges and roadblocks stood in the way of uncovering the conspiracy, with one Marine going AWOL and another committing suicide? The twists and turns were more than enough to keep you glued to your seat.  Now it's your turn. Do you have what it takes to succeed in this quiz? Take it and find out how well your memory holds up against the complex plot. 

"A Few Good Men" showed how the best lawyers have skills that go beyond the memorization of the law. It takes cunning, debate expertise, and the ability to read people to win a case. Even more so, it takes the skill of a detective to put a cohesive story together where there are only confusing fragments. The emotional performances were a high-point of this film. One could actually feel the tension in the courtroom when "Code Red" was first uttered. 

Now that your memory has been jogged, it's time to put it to the test. Start the quiz now by clicking below. 


A Few Good Men is a film that revolves around this aspect of a country.

The military drama highlights problems and conflicts happening within the ranks.


Which actor played the lead lawyer in this military legal drama?

Tom Cruise starred in other roles that also took place within the military milieu, such as his earliest hit Top Gun.


Tom Cruise’s character, Daniel Kaffee, is from which branch of the military?

Kaffee is a lieutenant in the US Navy.


Who played Lt. Kaffee’s co-counsel in this legal drama?

Demi Moore’s JoAnne Galloway character is also from the US Navy.


Lt. Kaffee is a graduate of law from this ivy league school.

Harvard is touted as the oldest American university.


Kaffee and Galloway were given the task to defend two soldiers who were court-martialed. From which military branch are the suspects?

The two US Marines are charged with murdering a fellow Marine.


At first, Galloway didn’t approve of Kaffee to be the one handling this case with her, primarily because of Kaffee’s history of doing this for his cases.

Due to his plea bargaining tendency, Galloway taunts Kaffee that he hasn’t seen the interior of a real courtroom in his life.


Aside from his penchant for plea bargaining, Kaffee is also not well-liked because of this kind of behavior, as established in the beginning of the film.

In the film, Kaffee fast-talks using his arrogance in order to knock over the person he’s talking to, but Galloway wasn’t having any of it.


When Kaffee is seen "slacking” by his fellow officers, he is always seen playing this.

Kaffee gets threatened by officers more than once when they find him swinging a bat instead of being at work.


In which country did the featured crime happen?

The incident happened inside a US base in Cuba.


The charged US Marines were on duty at which US base?

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is touted as the oldest US naval base located outside of the US.


Who played top ranking officer Col. Jessup who heads the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base where the crime took place?

It is reported that Jack Nicholson only had to work for 10 days in this film.


The two court-martialed Marines were of differing ranks. One is a lance corporal while the other is of this rank.

Private is considered as the lowest rank in the military.


The two court-martialed US Marines roughed up their fellow Marine, which resulted in this.

Pvt. Santiago, the dead soldier, was roughed up supposedly for violating a chain of command.


Galloway suspects that Pvt. Santiago was roughed up not because he broke the chain of command, but because of this supposed underground command. What is it called?

The code red is supposedly an extrajudicial punishment given to someone who can’t voice out his or her rights for a due process, hence making it illegal an action.


Who played the third lawyer on the team with Kaffee and Galloway?

Although dramatic in this film, Kevin Pollak is actually a stand-up comedian.


Who directed the film?

Rob Reiner is also an actor, producer, and writer. He also appears and writes in the movies he directs, and sometimes produces them, too.


During their first meeting in Cuba, Col. Jessup’s strongman character was revealed when he insulted Kaffee, even using this homophobic slur.

Col. Jessup referred to Kaffee’s “faggoty white” uniform as a spit at the latter’s Navy swag and Harvard law education.


The deceased Pvt. Santiago broke his chain of command because, unknown to Col. Jessup, he wrote letters to many officials. What was he requesting in those letters?

It was shown that Pvt. Santiago wasn’t physically performing well and wasn’t socializing well with his fellow soldiers in the base.


Kaffee’s lawyer friend, Capt. Jack Ross, was the lawyer representing the US government in this case. Who played Ross?

Kevin Bacon played a villain role in the X-Men: First Class film as Magneto's tormentor.


Who is the scriptwriter of this film?

Aaron Sorkin also created the TV series West Wing and The Newsroom.


Col. Jessup gave orders to an officer, Lt. Kendrick, to address Pvt. Santiago’s concerns in his own way. Who played Kendrick?

Kiefer Sutherland also enjoyed TV fame through the hit TV series 24.


Kendrick is the one who gave the orders to the two accused marines because of this designation of his at the Gitmo base.

As the commanding officer, Kendrick also had to receive commands from his immediate superiors.


Lt. Col. Markinson, an executive officer of Col. Jessup, was convincing his base commander to make Pvt. Santiago’s transfer happen, to no avail. Who played Markinson?

JT Walsh suffered a heart attack in 1998, which led to his death.


Prior to being a script for a film, A Few Good Men actually originated in this form.

Sorkin was first a playwright before becoming a TV and film scriptwriter.


This actor appeared in both the stage play and the film version of A Few Good Men.

Malina played Col. Jessup’s clerk in the movie version, but he moved on to play a more major role in the theatrical run later on.


This Academy Award-winning actor played a small role as a fellow Marine who was called on the witness stand.

Gooding recently portrayed OJ Simpson in the TV series People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.


This ER TV actor also made a small appearance in the film.

Wyle also appeared in films like Donnie Darko and in the TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley where he portrayed Steve Jobs.


Only the two officers who were with Col. Jessup, Lt. Col. Markinson and Lt. Kendrick, knew the real score behind the code red order, which is what the team of Kaffee wanted to uncover. What happened to Markinson?

Markinson went AWOL prior to the start of the trial, evading testimony and questioning.


Of the two officers with Col. Jessup, Lt. Col. Markinson was the one who developed a conscience later on and wanted to testify against his officer. What happened to him?

Markinson was hounded first by his conscience, and second his disappointment that he wasn’t strong enough to defend the weaker murdered Marine.


How did Lt. Col. Markinson kill himself?

Markinson dressed up in his military officer garb prior to offing himself with his nickel-plated pistol.


When Col. Jessup finally testified in court, he uttered this famous line.

Col. Jessup addressed this to Kaffee who was questioning him about code red.


When Col. Jessup finally slipped and admitted to ordering the code red, what happened to him after his testimony?

Col. Jessup was arrested and charged right there and then in court, much to his dismay.


What was the verdict about the murder charges against the two accused Marines?

Lance Corporal Dawson and Pvt. Downey were both cleared of the murder charges, but didn’t expect the last verdict.


The two accused Marines were given a guilty verdict of this instead.

The result of this verdict is a dishonorable discharge from service.


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