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With this good looks and trademarked smirk, Harrison Ford has been the toast of Hollywood for decades. He's frequently cast as a hero with rugged and irresistible charm. How much do you know about Harrison Ford's movies?

In how many films has Ford played the swashbuckling character named Indiana Jones?

There have been four Indiana Jones movies, and Ford has played the starring role in all of them. The most recent ("Kingdom of the Crystal Skull") was released in 2008.


In what year did Ford land his first movie role?

Ford's film career started in 1966, with "Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round," in which he appeared as a bellhop. He didn't receive credit for the small part.


What character does Ford play in "Air Force One"?

In "Air Force One," Ford is the president of the United States. When his plane is hijacked by terrorists, Ford is forced to take matters into his own hands.


Which other "Ford" film was released the same year as "Star Wars"?

"Star Wars" overshadowed "Heroes," which was also box office success. The latter starred Sally Field and Henry Winkler.


In "The Fugitive," Ford starred alongside which other big-name actor?

Ford plays a man who escapes from the authorities after he is unjustly convicted of killing his wife, and Tommy Lee Jones is a U.S. marshal who pursues him. "The Fugitive" was nominated for seven Academy Awards.


How many Academy Award nominations has Ford received for his film work?

In spite of his huge fame, Ford's only been nominated for one Academy Award. He was nominted for Best Actor in "Witness."


Ford did NOT appear in which of the following movies?

He wasn't cast in "Big Trouble in Little China." Ford has appeared in dozens of movies since his career began in the mid-1960s.


In what movie did Ford play a character named Jack Ryan?

In "Clear and Present Danger," Ford is Jack Ryan, a CIA employee who winds up as deputy director of the agency. The $62 million film was released in 1994.


In 1980, Ford was a star in which movie?

In 1980, a blockbuster called "The Empire Strikes Back" hit theaters. Ford reprised his role as the irascible Han Solo.


In "Apocalypse Now," Ford plays a character that borrows his name from which famous person?

In "Apocalypse Now," Ford is Colonel G. Lucas, a direct reference to George Lucas, he of "Star Wars" fame. Lucas played a role in the early versions of the script for "Apocalypse Now."


Which of the following Ford movies falls into the horror category?

"What Lies Beneath" starred Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. It didn't get great reviews but still managed to scare up nearly $300 million at the box office.


In "Firewall," Ford plays a character who has which occupation?

Ford is a banker named Jack Stanfield, who is kidnapped by criminals who want to force him into transferring $100 million to their accounts, otherwise they'll hurt his family. This, of course, does not sit well with Stanfield, who decides to fight back.


In which of the following movies does Ford play himself?

In "Jimmy Hollywood," Ford makes an uncredited appearance as himself. The movie is a comedy starring Christian Slater, Victoria Abril and Joe Pesci.


In what movie did Ford play a character named Bob Falfa?

In "American Graffiti, Ford was Bob Falfa. Falfa is a good-looking but conceited drag racer who winds up in a major car accident.


What other job was Ford working when he was cast as Bob Falfa?

Ford was struggling as an actor, so he supplemented his income working as a carpenter. He was hired to make cabinets for George Lucas, who then cast Ford in "American Graffiti."


In a 2017 movie, Ford again plays a character found in what earlier film?

The sequel to "Blade Runner" is "Blade Runner 2049," set for release in late 2017. In the movie, Ford is again Richard Deckhard, a blade runner who went missing three decades earlier.


"42" is a movie that addresses issues in which professional sport?

In "42," Ford plays a baseball executive who decides to sign Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson, of course, was the first black player to break the color barrier in pro baseball.


What happens to Ford's character in "Regarding Henry"?

In "Regarding Henry," Ford is an attorney who gets shot and then struggles to recover from his physical and psychological wounds. The film was a critical and financial failure.


"Sabrina" is a Ford film that falls into which category?

"Sabrina" is a romantic comedy with tinges of drama. It stars Ford, Julia Ormond and Greg Kinnear.


In "Crossing Over," Ford's character (Max Brogan) has which job?

In "Crossing Over," Ford plays the role of an immigration officer in California. Max Brogan is forced to deal with all of the complexities and crime behind the immigration process.


Which Ford film was released in 1982?

In 1982's "Blade Runner," Ford is a former cop whose job is to hunt down "replicants." The film didn't make any real money but is regarded as one of the best sci-fi movies ever made.


In "Working Girl," Ford plays opposite which famous Hollywood actress?

"Working Girl" is all about the ins and outs of life at a Wall Street investment firm. Melanie Griffith received a nomination for Best Actress for her role in the movie.


Which Ford movie was directed by Roman Polanski?

In "Frantic," Ford plays a doctor who is visting France when his wife goes missing somewhere on the streets of Paris. He begains a frantic search for her and realizes that there is much more to the situation than meets the eye.


In 1997, Ford was cast in "The Devil's Own," which featured what other actor?

"The Devil's Own" has a huge budget of $90 million. For that price, the cast consisted of Ford, Brad Pitt, Margaret Colin and Treat Williams.


In "Hollywood Homicide," Ford is a cop trying to track down murderers. Who did the murderers kill?

Ford is tasked with finding the killers who shot four men who were part of a rap group. Ford's character is joined by actor Josh Hartnett.


In "Presumed Innocent," Ford plays a lawyer who goes by which nickname?

In "Presumed Innocent," Ford plays a lawyer who goes by "Rusty." He's a prosecutor who is tasked with investigating the murder of a local woman.


The next Indiana Jones movie is slated for release in what year?

Ford is set to star in the next Indiana Jones movie, which should be directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is currently scheduled for release in 2019.


Who played the role of Harrison Ford's son in "The Mosquito Coast"?

In "The Mosquito Coast," River Phoenix played Ford's son. Both are caught between hurricane weather and violent local political groups in a Central American country.


In 2014, Ford appeared in a documentary called "Flying the Feathered Edge: The Bob Hoover Project." What was the topic of the film?

"Flying the Feathered Edge: The Bob Hoover Project," was all about Bob Hoover, a famous American pilot who fought in World War II and tested numerous experimental planes.


The action in "K-19: The Widowmaker" happens in which setting?

Ford plays Capt. Alexei Vostrikov, who commands a Soviet nuclear submarine that seems to malfunction in every possible way. Ford's character must find a way to save men serving on the sub.


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