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The kids on "The Cosby Show" thrived at home in Brooklyn Heights with Mom and Dad, but what happens when one of those kids heads off to college? See how much you know about the students at Hillman College with our "A Different World" quiz!

Which one of the Huxtable daughters is the focus of "A Different World"?

"A Different World" was originally a Cosby spin-off designed around the adventures of Denise Huxtable -- Lisa Bonet -- at Hillman College. The show was so popular that it survived and thrived even after Bonet left the show, following the first season.


Who is Denise's very first roommate at Hillman?

Denise originally shares a room with 26-year-old divorcee, Jaleesa. After she complains, she ends up sharing a room with Whitley -- who is even worse -- and sends Denise back to room with Jaleesa again.


What is Dwayne Wayne's favorite accessory?

Kadeem Hardison played Dwayne Wayne, who frequently flips up the dark shades on his flip-up glasses to get a better look at the many fine-looking women at Hillman.


What is the name of Dwayne's best friend?

Dwayne is best friends and roommates with Ron Johnson, played by Darryl M. Bell. When Tempestt Bledsoe -- who played Vanessa on "The Cosby Show" -- made a guest appearance on "A Different World," the actress met Darryl Bell. The pair are still a couple as of 2016, but they have remained unmarried by choice.


What was the name of Marisa Tomei's character on the show?

Tomei played Maggie, one of the few white students at the historically-black Hillman College. Tomei left the show, along with Lisa Bonet, after season one. Meg Ryan was originally cast to play Maggie.


What character did Jasmine Guy play on the show?

Jasmine Guy played spoiled rich southern belle Whitley Gilbert. She started off as an ice queen, then eventually made friends with her fellow students -- and fell in love with Dwayne.


Which rapper played Piccolo on "A Different World"?

A young Tupac Shakur made a guest appearance on "A Different World," where he played Lena's old boyfriend, Piccolo. Now that Lena is at Hillman, she finds she doesn't have much in common with her old friends, including Pic.


Which Huxtable kid is the first to visit Denise at Hillman?

While nearly all of the Huxtable kids eventually make an appearance on "A Different World," it's Rudy who pays the first visit. In the episode "Rudy and the Snow Queen," Keshia Knight-Pulliam appears as Rudy, who falls under the spell of Whitley while visiting her sister at school.


What does Denise plan to steal to celebrate her first Hillman homecoming?

In accordance with Hillman tradition, Denise plans to steal the head of Hillman's rival mascot to celebrate homecoming. What she doesn't know is that her grandfather Russell also has plans to steal the head in the episode, "Sometimes You Get the Bear, Sometimes the Bear Gets You."


Who is Whitley's new roommate when season two premieres?

The cast of "A Different World" changed dramatically after season one. Denise and Maggie left Hillman, and pre-med student Kim Reese moved in with Whitley. Jaleesa also got a new roommate in the form of bubbly Freddie Brooks.


What character was played by comedian Sinbad?

Sinbad played Walter Oakes, who served as both sports coach and dorm director. He also started dating Jaleesa -- played by Dawnn Lewis -- in season two.


Where was everyone's favorite spot to grab at bite at Hillman?

Mr. Vernon Gaines was owner and manager of the local hangout, The Pit. Kim and Whitley both took jobs for Mr. Gaines over the years to pick up some extra cash.


Who does Jaleesa pretend to be, to test Walter in season two?

Jaleesa pretends to be a Jamaican woman named Sheila, luring Walter in to test his loyalty to her. Her plan later backfires when Walter prepares a huge musical number, proving that he knew the whole time that "Sheila is Jaleesa."


Which character is nearly raped in the episode, "No Means No"?

Freddie dates baseball star Garth Parks, even though Dwayne warns her that Garth is bad news. The situation almost has a tragic ending when Garth attempts to sexually assault Freddie in the season two episode, "No Means No."


What does Dr. War teach?

Colonel Bradford Taylor, better known as Dr. War for his tough teaching style, is a math teacher at Hillman. Both Dwayne and Whitley struggle through his classes, though he and Dwayne eventually become close.


Who plays the role of Scrooge in a season three parody of "A Christmas Carol"?

It's stingy Whitley Gilbert who's visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future in a season three holiday episode, inspired by "A Christmas Carol."


Where is the gang pursued by drug dealers on spring break in season three?

On a two-part episode in season three titled "Getaway," the gang heads to South Carolina for spring break. When they get there, they get mixed up with a pair of drug dealers, forcing Dwayne and Ron to dress up as women to escape.


Who narrates the parody of "The Twilight Zone" in season four?

It's Walter Oakes who takes on the role of narrator in "Tales from the Exam Zone." The season four episode features three bizarre tales inspired by "The Twilight Zone."


What character was played by Jada Pinkett?

Pinkett played a recurring role as student Lena James from Baltimore. Named for the legendary Lene Horne, Lena rooms with friends Gina and Charmaine.


Who reveals that they eloped over the summer, during the season five premiere?

In the season five premiere episode, Jaleesa and Colonel Taylor reveal that they've eloped, while Whitley and Dwayne are enjoying their recent engagement.


Who does Whitley plan to marry in the season five finale?

Whitley is all set to marry fiance Byron in the season five finale -- until Dwayne interrupts the ceremony and sweeps her off her feet -- prompting Whitley to dump Byron mid-wedding and marry Dwayne instead.


Where do Whitley and Dwayne go on their honeymoon?

Dwayne and Whitley jet off to Los Angeles for their honeymoon in the season six premiere. Unfortunately, they happen to be in the city as the Rodney King riots are taking place, and Dwayne nearly gets arrested.


Who makes a cameo as a shoplifter during the season six premiere?

Whitley is out shopping on her honeymoon when the Rodney King riots take place. She runs into a group of racist white shoppers -- including Roseanne Barr -- who are taking advantage of the riots to loot.


Who takes over as producer after season one?

Starting with season two, Debbie Allen -- who produced "Fame" -- took over as a producer on "A Different World." This real-life sister of Phylicia Rashad brought her experiences at Howard University to the show and took writers on tours of other historically black colleges for inspiration.


What musical act appeared in the season six episode, "Original Teacher"?

Nineties hip-hop group Kris Kross appeared as a pair of juvenile delinquents in the season six episode, "Original Teacher."


Where does Dwayne take a job in the final season of the show?

Dwayne takes a job in Japan in the final season of the show, taking his pregnant wife Whitley with him to live in the Far East.


What role does Billy Dee Williams play in the series finale?

Billy Dee Williams stars as a landlord to Gina, Lena, Charmaine and friends when they move off-campus in the final episode. This episode was supposed to serve as the pilot for a spin-off starring Williams, but the show was never picked up.


What was student Shazza Zula criticized for?

In one memorable episode, Shazza Zula turned a term paper into a book criticizing African-American men. He later dated Freddie, but broke things off after she cheated on him.


Who sang the show's theme song for seasons two through five?

The theme song to "A Different World" was performed by Phoebe Snow in season one, followed by Aretha Franklin for seasons two through five. A Boyz II Men version followed for season six.


How many total season did the show run?

"A Different World" ran for 144 episodes over six seasons, from 1987 to 1993. Originally set to star Lisa Bonet, it ran for five more seasons after the star left the series.


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