A Spelling Expert Should Be Able to Get 29/35 on This Quiz. Can You?


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The English language is certainly very difficult at times, not only in terms of sentence structure and grammar but in spelling as well. 

Actually, mostly in spelling. It has a set of rules that sometimes are broken, depending on the word you want to spell. And there as so many different sounds that a combination of letters can make. And sometimes in one word, they will sound a little different when used in another word. Ah, it can be all so confusing.

Luckily, there are those out there for whom the peculiarities of English and spelling, in particular, come naturally. They can hear a word and spell it in a heartbeat. Or see different variations of a word and pick out the correct spelling simply and within a second!

Are you one of these people? Do you think you can spell? Well, then you have certainly come to the right place.

This wickedly difficult spelling test will really put your knowledge of English words and how to spell them to the test.

Do you think you have what it takes to claim 29 correct out of 35? That's our pass mark, so you have to try and get close or even do better. 

Let's see how well you do!

A river in the United States, but can you spell it correctly?

Mississippi is considered a grade-6 spelling word. Many people get it wrong, however.


He fell into the _______

A deep, dark, cave for example, that's an abyss. It's easy to get it wrong.


This month is when Valentine's Day takes place. Spell it, please.

The second month of the year, if your birthday is then, you should know how to spell it.


Can you __________ that for me?

Another one that people often get wrong. Remember, it is two b's. The way you say it is the way you spell it.


Another word for beautiful. You could use it to describe a model or your child for example.

A grade-8 equivalent spelling word, gorgeous is very easy to misspell. It means beautiful.


Send me the details via _____________

A grade-9 level equivalent spelling word, correspondence refers to mail about a particular subject, in general.


The aircraft performed an unbelievable _________

To move into position. This is a 7th-grade equivalent spelling word.


Certain characteristics where the word characteristics could be substituted for this word below.

Hope you got this one right, because as a grade-9 spelling word, it is tough.


To get a price check on something or perhaps a service.

A 7th-grade equivalent spelling word, a quotation is given for a service you want delivered or a product you want to buy.


I will ________ even though I think you are wrong.

To accommodate someone is to put up with their wishes, even though you might not agree with them. It can also mean finding a place to stay.


A very bad chest infection can often lead to this.

Pneumonia is the equivalent of an 8th-graders spelling knowledge.


Would you call the _______, please.

Very easy to mess up the spelling of superintendent, with some of the e's sounding like a's.


Please, can you ________ her story?

A missing r is often the most common misspelling of corroborate. This is a 9th-grade equivalent word for spelling tests.


If you are unable to enforce laws, what are they?

An 8th-grade level work, unenforceable is easily misspelled. It means impossible to enforce


The talks are at an ________. No progress at this point.

Impasse means a situation where progress has come to a halt. 9th-graders should be able to spell this.


When two baseball teams fight, it's normally what?

Seventh-graders will get words such as unnecessary in a spelling bee. It's easy to mess it up!


He is _______ to mosquito bites.

Susceptible is a really tough word to spell, even for 8th-graders ... and adults.


Sizzle is a perfect example of an __________

Now that's an easy one to get wrong. An onomatopoeia is a word that formed from a sound, for instance sizzle or cuckoo.


To pick a wide selection of something.

A grade-8 spelling word, miscellaneous is easy to mess up, especially with the "u" after the "o" as well as the double "l."


Mass unemployment is a _____ in this country.

A difficult word for a 9th-grader, how do you think you fared spelling it?


If you like clean hands, you would wash them like this.

There are many areas to make mistakes on when spelling vigorously, especially following the "r."


A ___________! That quarterback is a ___________

Phenomenon is a very difficult word to spell! It is an 8th-grade equivalent word. Hope you managed it!


I would love a side salad as an ________ to my steak.

This 9th-grade level spelling word is a tricky one for sure. Always remember the double "c!"


A two-wheel form of transport. Also used for racing.

It seems a simple word to spell, but you will see how many people can get it wrong. This is a grade-7 spelling word.


What a lovely bunch of __________

Even some florists don't know how to spell chrysanthemum! That's a tough one! Believe it or not, it's only a grade-8 spelling word!


The patient lost ________ but was later revived!

There are so many ways to trip up spelling consciousness. Even saying it slowly can just confuse you.


I would like to _____ a smile out of her. Time for a joke!

A real tough one, that's why it is a 9-grade spelling word. "E" can easily be substituted with "I" because of the similar sound, for example.


To provide an adult presence at a teenage gathering.

To provide adult supervision. A difficult one to spell, is this 9th-grade word.


We will have to ________ him.

Something you would do to a spy, just don't ask him to spell it! Again, a tough one.


Breaking the law or a set of rules

Misdemeanor is very easy to mispell. In fact, the British add a "u" after the last "o." People often change the "s" for a "z." This is a grade-8 spelling word.


He went to _______ school.

Elementary, right? This is a grade-7 spelling word and it can be a little tricky.


Another word for jail.

We prefer to say jail. It's just easier to spell.


If you take a defeat well, you are said to be this word.

That's a doozy! Yes, 9th-graders have to know how to spell it. It has so many areas that can catch you out, however.


He approached the project with great ________

Only an optimist would get this right ... only joking. You got it, didn't you? This is a grade-8 level spelling word.


A specialized child doctor

Can pediatricians spell their profession? This grade-9 level word is difficult.


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