From Aang to Korra, can you name these Avatar characters?

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"Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra" are filled with interesting people (and animals), from the serious to the downright zany. Are you fan enough to know these characters by name?

Who is Aang's trusty waterbending sidekick?

Katara is the feisty, determined waterbender who discovers Aang when he emerges from one hundred years of slumber. She's frustrated by how much more quickly Aang learns waterbending, but she grows to become an extremely powerful bender.

Katara's brother also journeys with Aang. What is his name?

Sokka is the life of the party, always entertaining Aang with his antics. His jokes aren't always intentional, though - as a non-bender, he must earn respect in battle the hard way.

Toph is one of the best human earthbenders the world has ever seen, despite what?

You might say that Toph's insane power stems from what should be a weakness: her blindness. She learned many of her tricks from badgermoles, the world's original earthbenders, and "sees" by using her bending.

Which Kyoshi warrior is Sokka's first love interest?

Suki and Sokka meet on the island of Kyoshi, the hometown of a previous avatar. Suki's prowess in battle is clearly superior to Sokka's untrained fighting moves, but the two grow to respect each other.

Prince Zuko is heir to which throne?

He's the heir to the current emperor, which is a little awkward given that he starts the series banished from Fire Nation lands. He searches relentlessly for the Avatar, believing that he will only reclaim his honor upon capturing Aang.

Appa saves Aang's life many times over. He's everyone's favorite creature of which type?

Appa is the air bison that bonded with Aang when they were both little children. The two are so inseparable that Appa will fearlessly fly into battle with Aang - though not without protest.

What is the name of Aang's pet flying lemur?

Momo is a frequent source of comedic relief, along with Sokka, such as when the two of them eat weird cactus-like plants and start hallucinating.

Fill in the blank: Prince Zuko is cared for by which uncle?

General Iroh was one of the Fire Nation's most powerful generals, but he chose to retire and instead watches out for Zuko, hoping the young prince will choose good over evil.

The chief of the Southern Water Tribe, Hakoda, is whose father?

Katara and Sokka make a point of searching for their father during their journey with the Avatar. They haven't seen him since he left to fight the Fire Nation.

Jet is somewhere between hero and villain because of his heartless tactics as a what?

Katara is taken in by Jet's talk of nobly fighting the Fire Nation soldiers that occupy his home, but realizes how morally lost he is when he's willing to sacrifice an entire village in the process.

As the butt of a running joke in the Airbender series, a merchant is constantly having his cart full of what overturned by Aang and the gang?

"MY CABBAGES!" is a running joke in the series, since the same poor cabbage merchant always has the worst luck, no matter where in the world Aang is.

Who is Zuko's fire breathing, blue-lightning shooting sister?

Princess Azula is very much a daddy's girl, always trying to please Fire Lord Ozai and constantly seeking to destroy the Avatar. She's pathologically obsessed with fighting and displaying her power.

Who is Azula's sidekick, a bubbly acrobat who joins Azula out of fear?

Ty Lee has mastered the use of pressure points to disable her opponents in battle. She's one of Azula's childhood friends, but clearly joins the group because she fears Azula, not because she wants to join.

Mai, Azula's other sidekick, joins Azula's group for what reason?

Mai, the daughter of a wealthy and important family in the Fire Nation, is almost always bored. During the series, she realizes some things are worth fighting for and eventually she gets her happy ending.

What nickname does Team Avatar give the enormous firebender who shoots fire out of his forehead?

The deadly bounty hunter is dubbed both "Sparky Sparky Boom Man" and "Combustion Man" during the series, but "Sparky Sparky Boom Man" is the one that really stuck with fans.

Team Korra is joined early on by which powerful heiress?

For a while, Asami is Korra's romantic rival, but eventually they become good friends. The authors implied that, at the end of the series, they're actually more than just friends.

Of the two professional benders Korra teams up with, which is the goofier one?

Bolin is an earthbender who feels like he lags behind the others in power, and his insecurity causes a rift in the group later in the series. The rest of the time, he's goofy and adorable.

Mako, Bolin's brother, is what kind of bender?

Mako firebends while Bolin earthbends. When they're in the ring together, Korra, Mako and Bolin are a powerful combination, but only if they communicate.

Korra has a loyal polar bear dog named what?

Naga will follow Korra to the ends of the Earth, just like Appa would for Aang. It seems that Avatars have a way of attracting animal companions for life.

Not to be outdone, Bolin also has a loyal pet, named Pabu. What type of animal is Pabu?

Bolin's fire ferret is named Pabu, and the two love performing tricks together. Pabu doesn't steal the show as much as Appa and Momo did, but he gets some pretty great moments, too.

What is the name of Aang's only airbending son?

After Aang married Katara, the two had three children: Tenzin, Bumi and Kya. Only Tenzin, however, turned out to be an airbender, and he took his duty of rebuilding the air nation seriously.

How is Unalaq, one of the series' villains, related to Korra?

Unalaq was power-hungry from a young age. In fact, he is the reason that Korra's father was banished to the Southern Water Tribe.

How can Desna and Eska, Korra's cousins, be described?

Desna and Eska are thrown in as an extra dose of creepy for the series, but it's easy to see why they're a little off when they have Unalaq as a father. At first, they're willing to oppose Korra, but as time moves on they realize what a terrible person their father is.

What is the name of the Equalist leader who takes away people's bending?

Amon's stated goal is to eradicate bending from the world. He's the first villain Korra has to take down in her role as the Avatar.

Tarrlok, an avid enemy of Amon, practiced which forbidden art?

Tarrlok is a bloodbender who uses the conflict with Amon to gain political power. His backstory shows that he was forced to learn bloodbending unwillingly, which pushed him down the path to becoming a villain.

Princess Yue is a member of the Northern Water Tribe who does what?

During the story arc in the Northern Water Tribe, we learn that Yue was saved at birth by the power of the Moon Spirit. When her people are endangered by a vicious Fire Nation attack, she sacrifices her life to give power back to the Moon.

What is the name of the eccentric businessman and inventor who gradually assumes an important role in the series?

Sir Iknik Blackstone Varrick runs Varrick Industries, the company he built himself and sustains with his ingenuity and shady business deals. His zany adventures keep things interesting for Korra and friends.

Varrick is always accompanied by which trusty servant?

One of the show's popular lines comes from Varrick, shouting, "Zhu Li, do the thing!" She always knows what to do, even when Varrick is as vague and obnoxious as ever.

What kind of bender is Aang?

Since Aang is the Avatar, he can bend all four elements instead of just one. As a monk, the element which came most naturally to him was air.

As Jinora grows older, she claims a more important role in the series for what reason?

All in all, Jinora is a pretty cool girl. She can airbend, she's Aang's granddaughter, and she has a strong connection to the spirit world!

Who is a tough ally of the Avatar and the metalbender who heads up Republic City's police force?

Lin Beifong is Toph's daughter, and she certainly takes after her mother in terms of temperament. The show reveals the name of Lin's father, Kanto, without explaining what he was like.

Who is Lin Beifong's niece, who falls for Bolin and picks up airbending along the way?

Opal enters the series several season in, after Korra meets Lin's sister Suyin and her family. Opal is sweet and kind, but is perfectly capable of holding her own in battle.

Who were the Dai Li?

The Dai Lee were known for abducting Earth Kingdom citizens without warning and for their use of mind control tactics. They are just as villainous in "Legend of Korra" as they were in "Last Airbender."

What imprisoned criminal breaks out of prison after gaining airbending abilities?

Zaheer is one of Korra's most terrifying opponents, especially after his attack leaves her body wracked with pain from a poison she can't seem to eliminate. Her brush with chronic illness makes her a more empathetic person over time.

Kuvira, another "Legend of Korra" villain, takes over which nation?

She slowly built up a following before seizing control from Prince Wu, ostensibly to provide a stable and peaceful rule. However, despite her claims that what she does is for the people, they are oppressed more than ever.

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