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One of the more impressive and dramatic tourist attractions, the Acadia National Park is located off the central coast of Maine. While visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities ranging from absorbing history in the museum to cruising the lakes, you can enjoy a virtual visit by taking this quiz.

When is the Winter Visitor Center open?

The center is open year-round except for January 1, Thanksgiving Day and December 24 and 25.


What facilities does the park offer?

The park has a museum and two campgrounds.


When was the Acadia National Park established?

It was established in 1919.


How big is the park?

The Acadia National Park covers an area of 41,933 acres.


What kind of wildlife does Acadia house?

It has a wide variety of unusual mammals, fish and birds.


For which sport is the park considered ideal?

For those who like to live dangerously, it is considered one of the best cliff-diving spots anywhere.


What kind of terrain do you find in the Acadia Park?

The terrain consists of mountains, lakes, valleys, rugged coastline and beaches.


Which rodents are found in the park?

You have muskrats and beavers.


Which threatened species of bird resides in Acadia?

The bald eagle is a proud resident of this national park.


What types of trees do you find in Acadia?

You have white spruce, paper birch, red maple and quaking aspen.


Which is the highest point on the Atlantic Coast north of Brazil?

Cadillac Mountain is the highest point.


How high is this vantage point?

Cadillac Mountain is 1,530 feet (466 meters) high.


Who was the master wildlife photographer who spent hours shooting the birds of Acadia?

Eliot Porter was the master wildlife photographer.


Which is the first place people say the dawn lights up the United States?

They say that Cadillac Mountain is the first place the dawn touches the U.S.


What is only true fjord in the contiguous 48 states?

Somes Sound is a deep coastal valley that was filled by the sea to create a fjord.


Which islands are contained within Frenchman's Bay?

Sheep Porcupine Island and Bald Porcupine Island lie within Frenchman's Bay.


Who was the first explorer to land on the island?

Samuel de Champlain was the first when his ship crashed into a shoal off the coast.


What name did he give the island?

He called it L'Isle des Monts Deserts, or "island of desert mountains," because it appeared barren and desolate from the sea..


How was Mount Desert Island formed?

Melting glaciers caused the level of the ocean to rise, flooding valleys and cutting off sections of the shoreline from the mainland.


Why were the French so interested in maintaining control of the island?

They were mainly interested in beaver pelts that fetched high prices in Europe.


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