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Tired of kicking around with crosswords? Sick to death of Sudoku? Maybe it's time to take on brain-crunching acrostics puzzles. But do you have the courage to wade into this puzzling fray?

To what type of game is an acrostic puzzle most similar?

It's a fiendish hybrid. Consider it "crossed" with crosswords and hangman.


Which famous author was known for constructing word puzzles similar to acrostics?

He even created an acrostic poem about his most famous character, Alice. Mr. Carroll loved word puzzles.


The ultimate goal of an acrostic puzzle is usually to unveil what sort of famous thing?

"No comment." Okay, usually the quotes that these puzzles reveal are more interesting than that.


What defines an acrostic poem?

It's sort of Cryptography 101, with the letters at the beginning of each line spelling out a subtle message.


The word "acrostics" comes from what origin?

Would you like some dressing with that letter salad? This a Greek word that points to the end, or extremity, of a line.


How do teachers often employ acrostics?

Acrostics make for killer puzzles, but they also help as mnemonic devices that students can use to memorize facts.


What famous religious symbol is derived in part from an acrostic?

A Christian acrostic for Jesus Christ results in the word ICHTHYS, which means fish in Greek.


Some experts think acrostic puzzles might be good for what?

What's that word again? Ah, yes, fluency. There's no proof, but some believe word puzzles help with word recall.


What's a double acrostic poem?

It's doubly tricky! Both the first and last letters of each line spell a hidden phrase, making these more complex than regular acrostic poems.


Acrostic puzzles are also known as what?

As if the puzzles themselves weren't tricky enough! Acrostics are also called crostic or anacrostic puzzles.


What structural similarities do acrostic puzzles share with crosswords?

Maybe acrostics are actually the evil twin of crosswords? They look very similar with their diagrams and clue lists.


In an acrostic puzzle, what signals the end of a word in the diagram?

Line breaks are just messing with you. It's actually the black squares that indicate a word's end.


What sort of skills are probably most useful for completing an acrostic puzzle?

Time to call on your inner Spock. A thesauruslike mind helps, but logical thinking may be even more important.


Which aspect of digital acrostic puzzles makes them more time-efficient to complete than paper versions?

Actually, in some online puzzles, the computer really does give you the answers. But it's the fact that your answers automatically populate the diagram that makes digital versions simpler to complete.


What's a basic strategy for solving acrostic puzzles?

Well, a Google search is actually the easiest way, but some people consider it cheating. Starting with the answers you're sure of is a good way to begin.


What's the name of one of the most famous acrostic poems?

It takes acrostics into a new dimension, with highlighted letters creating crosses. "Behold, O God" was written by William Browne.


How can looking at the diagram help you solve an acrostic puzzle?

It's like "Wheel of Fortune" in reverse! Take letters from the diagram back to your clues, and you may be able to solve the puzzle faster.


In addition to revealing a quote, some acrostic puzzles also unveil what?

In some cases, guessing the name of the person who said the quote also helps you solve other parts of the puzzle.


What should you do if a nonsense word appears in your acrostic puzzle diagram?

The crying part might be tempting, but reviewing your answers is the only way to move forward in this situation.


Which newspaper regularly publishes acrostic puzzle books?

They are the purveyors of fine puzzles. As with crosswords, The New York Times is also known for its difficult acrostic puzzles.


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