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If you want to take action photos like a pro, you'll need the right equipment. With the vast array of cameras available, choosing the right one for you may be confusing. Before you purchase any new equipment, take this quiz to learn about what you'll need to take good action photos.

What photographs had an impact on American culture?

Some photographs have become a part of the American collective psyche, such as the Hindenburg going down in flames and Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby.


What is very important for capturing a perfect photograph?

Great photographers have an eye for the perfect shot.


What is a photographer's eye?

A photographer's eye is knowing what would make a great shot and having the skill to capture the perfect picture.


On which camera can the settings be customized?

The settings on a single-lens reflex (SLR) camera may be customized.


What is an advantage of a point-and-shoot camera over a SLR camera?

Point-and-shoot cameras are more affordable than SLR cameras.


What camera is lightweight and easy to use?

The less expensive point-and-shoot camera is lightweight and easy to use.


What camera has a fixed lens?

Usually a point-and-shoot camera will have a fixed lens.


What camera can use a zoom lens?

Both cameras can use a zoom lens for distant subjects.


Which camera's zoom lens will be powerful enough to focus on a midfield tackle?

For an action shot like a midfield tackle, you will need a SLR camera.


What is the greatest difference between SLR and point-and-shoot cameras?

The greatest difference is the point of view.


Which image does the photographer see through the viewfinder of a point-and-shoot camera?

The photographer does not see the exact image through the viewfinder of a point-and-shoot camera.


Which image does the photographer see through the viewfinder of a SLR camera?

With an SLR camera, the photographer sees the exact image through the viewfinder.


What camera is best for an action shot?

For an action shot, the best camera would be a SLR or digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera.


Which is better for action shots?

A DSLR camera with larger pixels is the best choice for action photography.


What camera will hold its value the most?

A DSLR camera will maintain its value better than a SLR or a point-and-shoot camera.


What camera is most expensive?

The DSLR camera is the most expensive of the choices.


What type of lens will produce the best action photos?

A telephoto lens will produce the best action photos.


What is the f-stop?

The f-stop is the number that indicates the width of the aperture at a particular moment.


What does the International Standards Organization (ISO) number determine about film?

The ISO number determines the speed of the film.


What is used to stabilize your camera for professional looking shots?

A tripod will give you a firm base from which to take pictures like a pro.


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