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This creepy cast of characters gave TV and movies a delightfully haunting appeal. How much do you know about 'The Addams Family'?

In what type of media was the Addams Family born?

The family was originally created as a cartoon by Charles Addams. His renowned characters made many appearances in "The New Yorker."


In what year did the TV show first appear?

Starting in 1964, the family began its weird adventures on TV. The show was shot, of course, in black-and-white.


On which network did the TV show appear?

ABC aired the 30-minute shows. The editor of "The New Yorker" stopped publishing the cartoons because he didn't want the magazine associated with the show.


In what year did "The Addams Family" film debut?

The 1991 movie had a big Hollywood budget of $30 million and got mostly positive reviews.


How much did the 1991 movie gross at the box office?

Thanks to a star-studded cast, the movie was a hit, raking in more than $190 million.


What sort of body part is the character named Thing?

The disembodied hand somehow appears all over the house, helping with minor tasks such as picking up the phone when it rings.


What is the first name of the daughter in the TV show?

Wednesday is played by Lisa Loring. She is a lovable little girl who also happens to like chopping the heads off of her dolls.


For how many seasons did "The Addams Family" air on TV?

The show only aired for two seasons (64 episodes) but managed to leave a profound cultural impact.


In the TV show, which actress plays Morticia?

By the time she portrayed Morticia, Carolyn Jones had already been nominated for an Academy Award for her part in "The Bachelor Party."


What is Thing's last name?

Thing's last name is also Thing. He's been a friend of Gomez's for many years.


What does Ophelia typically have in her hair?

Ophelia almost always has flowers in her hair. She's Morticia's sister, and the same actress played both characters.


Which character does Anjelica Huston play in the first "Addams Family" movie?

Huston plays one of the lead roles, as she takes on the part of Morticia.


Which character did Jackie Coogan play in the TV show?

Coogan played Uncle Fester. The actor is also well-known for the numerous silent films created when he was just a child.


Which actress was the only cast member to star in both the "Addams Family Reunion" movie and the "New Addams Family" TV show?

Nicole Fugere was the only person to appear in both productions. She played the part of Wednesday Addams.


What role did Vic Mizzy have in the creation of the show?

Mizzy is the composer who created the show's memorable theme song.


When summoned, what does Lurch have a habit of saying?

In a deep bass voice, Lurch utters the now-famous phrase, "You rang?"


Why did Anthony Hopkins turn down a chance to play Uncle Fester in the movie?

As it happens, Hopkins was already committed to a film called "The Silence of the Lambs." This (much scarier) movie made Hopkins into an even bigger celebrity than he already was.


Which actor actually played two roles on the TV show?

Ted Cassidy played the role of Lurch, but he also sometimes brought Thing to life, too.


Which famous rapper composed a song for "The Addams Family" movie?

MC Hammer performed the "Addams Groove," which actually broke into the Top 10 on the Billboard charts.


What was Cousin Itt's defining physical trait?

Cousin Itt has freakishly long hair that almost totally obscured his body. He also speaks gibberish that no one but the family can understand.


What kind of pet was Aristotle?

Aristotle was Pugsley's pet octopus. He also had a jaguar by the name of Fang.


Why did the producer of the TV show sue Paramount Pictures once the movie hit theaters?

Producer David Levy said Paramount Studios "borrowed" too many ideas from his TV show. The two sides eventually settled out of court.


What does Morticia hide in a special compartment in her wedding ring?

She often hides cyanide in the ring, just in case she happens to need poison in a pinch.


In what year did "The New Addams Family" TV show debut?

Spurred in part by the success of the feature-length films, the 1998 TV show actually got good reviews from critics and viewers. It ran for 65 episodes.


In the TV show, why does the family have so much money?

Gomez is not only a wise businessman, but he also supposedly made a killing during the horrible stock market crash of 1929.


Why didn't Blossom Rock appear as Grandmama in 1977's "Halloween with the Addams Family" TV special?

Rock was gravely ill when the cast started production. She died the next year.


Which character is very fond of explosives?

Uncle Fester can often been seen playing with blasting caps or dynamite.


Which actress played Morticia in 1998's "Addams Family Reunion"?

Daryl Hannah played Morticia in this film, which was shown on TV and then went straight to video.


In what year did the movie sequel appear?

Two years after the first movie, "Addams Family Values" was released. It featured many of the same cast members, such as Angelica Huston and Christina Ricci.


How much did the sequel earn at the box office?

It made less than $50 million but it actually received as good (or better reviews) than the first movie.


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