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It probably started out just as an occasional thing. A social drink. An extra pain pill to take the edge off. Then it became addiction and dependence. About 23.5 million Americans over the age of 12 are living with an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

True or false: You can be addicted to things that don't involve chemical substances.

It's possible to develop addictive behaviors for things that aren't chemical substances.


Which is not true about addiction?

Addiction is not a choice, and those living with addiction may blame others, may have social and financial problems, and may want to quit yet can't without help.


True or false: There is a such thing as an 'addictive personality.'

No. There is no actual diagnosis of a personality type that's more prone to addiction than others.


True or false: There such a thing as an "addiction gene."

Current research suggests your genes are a part of the addiction equation, but aren't the only determining factor in whether or not you will or won't become an addict.


If you misuse or abuse a substance to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life, rather than using it for fun, are you addicted to it?

While you may have a problem with a substance, such as drugs, or behavior, such as shopping, it doesn't necessarily mean you're addicted -- it does, though, mean you're a "problem user," and should look for ways to get unhealthy habits in control.


Which statement is correct?

Addiction is a chronic brain disease. It is treatable, but overcoming addiction is not simply a matter of willpower or wanting to.


What symptoms may mean innocently playing with your smartphone might be turning into an addiction?

Depression, insomnia and social withdrawal all are linked to excessive and compulsive smartphone usage.


Which is not a "social" consequence of dependency?

All of these are examples of the social consequences of dependency and addiction.


Is missing work, school or a social obligation because of you weren't able to resist a craving a sign of addiction?

Missing work, school or social obligations because you were thinking about, seeking or engaging in addictive behavior may be a sign of addiction.


Which health issue is often also a problem among shopping addicts?

Often, shopping addiction (and other addictions) have a dual diagnosis, with depression.


What type of condition is video game addiction?

Video game addiction, a condition experts want to study further, is considered an Internet Gaming Disorder.


Which is not a street name for Adderall?

Adderall is known by many names, including "beans" and "black beauties." "Mary Jane" is a nickname for marijuana.


Which is not a sign of an exercise addiction?

Exercise is key to a healthy life, but if you're exercising for more than 2 hours a day, skipping work or events to work out and working out despite injury you may need help for addictive behavior.


While 98 percent of people surveyed say that texting while driving is dangerous, how many admit to doing it anyway?

Regardless of knowing texting while driving is dangerous, three-quarters of people surveyed admitted they do it anyway.


True or false: Porn addiction and sex addiction are the same thing.

Although they may be co-occurring addictions, a compulsion to have sex may or may not include pornographic material, and vice versa.


Which statement might a person with an addiction problem reply with when asked about certain behaviors?

If you're defensive about your substance use or your behavior, you may have an addiction.


Which is not a psychological warning sign of an addiction?

All of these are psychological warning signs of a substance abuse problem, except finances. Unexplained money problems are a sign, too, but not psychological.


What are the emotional symptoms of a shopping addiction?

All of these are emotional signs you may have a shopping addiction.


What does it mean if you used to get a buzz after 2 glasses of wine, but now you need to drink 3 for the same effect?

Needing more of a substance, such as alcohol, or behavior, such as gambling, to get the same "high" means you've developed a tolerance to it.


True or false: You can't get addicted to it if it's prescribed by your doctor.

Although most prescription medications aren't addicting if you take them as directed for a short time, misusing or abusing prescription meds is dangerous -- and can be addictive.


Which is a warning sign of prescription stimulant (such as brand name Adderall and Ritalin) abuse or misuse?

These are all warning signs of commonly abused drugs, but twitching and poor muscle control aren't usually associated with misuse or abuse of prescription stimulants.


Could you have a work addiction if you're a workaholic?

Yes, you might. More than 110 million people work more than 40 hours each week, and if those excess hours are driven by a compulsion to get things done, it might be time to reassess your work-life balance.


True or false: About three-quarters of us are never more than 5 feet away from our smartphones.

Americans get a bit of separation anxiety when not near them, so most of us (72 percent) stay within 5 feet of our smartphones. Fear of being without your phone is known as nomophobia.


How many people admit they've checked their phone during sex?

About 9 percent of (that's 1 in 10) adults admits to doing this. In a related statistic, 12 percent of people surveyed said smartphones get in the way of relationships.


What assessment tool is used to measure work addiction?

Scoring four out of the seven items on the Bergen Work Addiction Scale -- which rates things such as your level of anxiety if you're unable to work, and if you work to avoid feelings of depression, anxiety or guilt -- identifies you with a work addiction.


What is the average amount of debt a person with a shopping addiction has collected?

A person with a shopping addiction carries, on average, about $70,000 in debt.


Is cellphone vibration syndrome a real thing?

Yes, and it begins with our relationship with technology and media.


Is it true that you need to hit rock bottom before you can be helped?

No. This is a common misconception. In reality, it's best to get help as soon as possible, not when you bottom out.


What is the recommended minimum number of days needed for an outpatient treatment program to be effective?

Research tells us that the longer you stay in a treatment program, the more effective it can be long-term. The minimum number needed to make any impact is 90 days in outpatient treatment; or, 21 days in an inpatient program.


Does addiction treatment have to be voluntary to work?

No, a person does not need to voluntarily enter into a treatment program to benefit from that treatment.


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