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This quiz is best taken while climbing a mountain 2.5 miles underwater, surrounded by hungry sharks. But if you're sitting in front of your home computer, that's OK, too. We'll know just how tough you are by the end.

These days, vacations are more than just a trip to the beach. What would you call travel to an exotic environment or attraction for the purpose of having a unique or even thrilling experience?

Adventure travel is for the adventurous tourist! Twenty-six percent of respondents in a 2010 survey had participated in some sort of adventure travel.


Which South American country has some of the most heart-pumping single- and double-track mountain biking in the world, including the so-called "Death Road?"

Don't look down! Bolivia's "Death Road" was cut from a sheer mountainside and features dizzying 3,330-foot (1,000-meter) drop-offs.


Going down? Bolivia's Chacaltaya to Zongo trail features a break-busting descent of how many feet?

The answer is 14,000 feet. This daylong ride begins at an elevation of 17,500 feet (5,345 meters) near the top of Mt. Chacaltaya, once home to the highest developed ski resort in the world.


What former NASCAR driver owns a company that puts ordinary people behind the wheel of a real race car?

Hold onto your hats! Customers at Jarrett's Talledaga, Ala.-based business can drive at speeds in excess of 165 mph (265 kph)!


How many Americans seek medical treatment each year for injuries sustained during sports and recreation?

Ouch! The answer is 7 million. About 4.3 million of those cases are treated in emergency rooms.


It's north to Alaska for many heli-skiing enthusiasts. What Alaskan mountain range is well-known for its exceptional backcountry conditions?

Thompson Pass in the Chugach Mountains can receive more than 1,000 inches (2,540 cm) of snow per year!


On which prominent North American peak can skiers descend 14,000 vertical feet (4,267 meters) via the Wickersham Wall?

The answer's Denali. You'd have to be pretty good to do it, though. Only a handful of skiiers have successfully navigated this epic slope on the north side of Denali.


Say you want to travel into space with the company Space Adventures. What would you have to pay?

It's not your left kidney, but it might as well be! For $25 million, the company Space Adventures will put you on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and send you to the International Space Station for about 12 days.


True or false: The Grand Teton in Wyoming should only be summited by expert climbers.

Expertise certainly doesn't hurt, but the mountain is an ideal challenge for average climbers with solid 5.8-level, multi-pitch climbing experience who want to take the sport to the next level.


How many climbers died on the Grand Teton in Wyoming between 1992 and 2009?

The mountain claimed 10 lives during this 17-year span, and as many as 30 major search-and-rescue operations were launched each year to help distressed climbers.


Real adrenaline junkies can participate in training designed to mimic what?

After completing a challenge course called "Hell Night," participants learn skills like survival, weapons (with live-fire exercises), night patrol, close-quarter combat, and rappelling from a helicopter, just like real Navy SEALs do in their training.


Nearly 88 percent of the population in the United States lives within a one-hour helicopter or ambulance ride to advanced trauma care. What percentage of the country's land area falls within this same zone?

It's just 28 percent. As you might expect, most of the areas with poor access to trauma care are rural. This includes some of the country's most popular tourist destinations, like Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks. So be careful out there!


Which is the best place to see a tiger shark?

Watch out! Tiger sharks love the warm waters of Tiger Beach in the Bahamas.


Which is the least likely place in South Africa to spot a great white shark?

Lake Chrissie is the largest natural lake in the country, but there are no sharks there! They much prefer the open ocean at False Bay or Gansbaai.


True or false: You can fly a fighter aircraft with no previous experience.

Believe it or not, this is actually true. Air Combat USA, a civilian dogfighting school headquartered in Fullerton, Calif., will let you pilot a Marchetti SF260 fighter plane (with an instructor onboard, of course).


In Spain, the Running of the Bulls is called the “Encierro,” a word derived from the verb meaning what?

It's "to shut up or pen." In Pamplona, the route for the adrenaline-fueled event is barricaded by a wooden fence consisting of of 1,800 boards, 40 gates, 590 posts, 200 palisades, 2,400 wedges and 2,000 bolts.


On your mark. Get set. At what time does the Running of the Bulls begin in Pamplona, Spain?

The bulls are let loose when the clock on the church of San Cernin strikes eight in the morning.


How many lives have Pamplona's bulls claimed since 1922?

Tragically, 15 runners have died in this 90-year span. The deadliest years were 1947 and 1980; in each of those years, two people died during the events.


Here's a bit of history that thrill-seekers might be interested to know. What year did the Titanic sink?

What's so thrilling about the 1912 sinking of the Titanic<i>,</i> you ask? The the Great Canadian Adventure Company you can actually take a submarine down to the shipwreck, which rests on the seafloor 12,460 feet (3,798 meters) below the surface of the Atlantic


Submersibles aren't known for their spacious luxury. How big is the passenger compartment on the Great Canadian Adventure Company vessels that take you to the Titanic?

Seven feet. That's enough room for three people -- barely. Oh, and don't forget a jacket; The temperature inside the submersible drops to a chilly 50 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 14 degrees Celsius) while in the water.


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