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Product placement, advergaming, commercial jingles...the world of advertising is all around us. See how much you know about it in our Advertising Quiz.

A form of advertising that features real-life scenarios with the product positioned in the background is called:

Product placement is an attempt by advertisers to move away from in-your-face ads where the product is normally the star.


What do advertisements use to leave their brand message in the minds of consumers?

Slogans, or straplines, are used in ads to convey the key brand message to the consumer.


What's the most frequently used word in slogans?

Out of the total number of ad lines, about 11 percent of them use the word "you." The next most frequently used word is "your."


An ad slogan set to a memorable melody is called a:

Jingles are memorable advertising slogans set to music.


What company is responsible for the top commercial jingle?

McDonald's 1974 melodic "you deserve a break today" leads the list of top 10 jingles of the century according to Advertising Age.


What are slogans called in the Netherlands?

Slogan nomenclature varies from place to place. The Dutch call them "payoffs," while Germans use "claims" and the French say "signatures."


What are the pleasantly melodic, easy-to-remember hooks of jingles called?

Earworms are tiny 15- to 30-second pieces of music that stick in your head for a very long time.


What's starting to replace jingles in commercials?

After psychologists and neurologists found that music with a strong emotional connection to the listener is difficult to forget, marketers started to license pop songs for their ads instead of commissioning jingles.


Small, rectangular advertisements that appear on Web pages are called:

Banner ads are relatively simple pieces of HTML code featured on Web pages that will take you to the advertiser's Web site if you click on them.


An Internet advertisement that appears in its own, small browser window is called a:

To get rid of pop-up ads, you have to close each browser window. If there are enough pop-up ads, they can overload your browser's capacity.


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