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In the 1970s, Aerosmith broke out in a big way, bringing hard rock anthems not just to America, but to the entire world. Then they lived the rock star life and somehow survived. How much do you know about Aerosmith?

Aerosmith has been rocking crowds for decades. When did the band form?

The band got together in 1970. For more than four decades, Aerosmith has been one of the world's best-known music groups.


The band is proud of its roots. Where did it originate?

The guys have distinct Boston accents, making their origins from the Northeast unmistakable. Boston is and will always be home to the rockers.


How did Steven Tyler and Joe Perry decide to form a band together?

Joe Perry's Jam Band and Tyler's Chain Reaction played at the same gig. They enjoyed each other's music enough that they decided to form a band together.


Where was drummer Joey Kramer going to school when he decided to join Joe Perry's Jam Band?

Kramer was a naturally gifted musician who was going to Berklee College of Music when he dropped out and decided to join a rock band. It's a decision he never regretted.


Which of the following music labels has the band NOT worked with?

The band has released its music through Columbia and Geffen, but not Sony Music. They signed with Columbia in 1972.


Tyler played in a band called Chain Reaction. What job did he NOT have in the band?

Steven Tyler was the drummer and backup singer in Chain Reaction. But he yearned for the spotlight and figured a partnership with Perry and his band might do the trick. He was right.


Which band member came up with the group's now-famous name?

Joey Kramer pitched the name "Aerosmith" because it was something he doodled all over his papers in class. The name stuck.


What role does Tom Hamilton fulfill with the band?

Hamilton is the band's stalwart bass player. He's also helped write some of the band's biggest hits, such as "Janie's Got a Gun" and "Sweet Emotion."


What was the first song that Tyler wrote with Perry?

Perry and Tyler first collaborated on songwriting with "Movin' Out." The two would later generate hugely successful singles.


What was the name of the band's very first album?

The band's debut album was also their self-titled record -- "Aerosmith." It was released in 1973.


Early in its career, the band was often mocked as a copycat of which rock group?

Aerosmith had the same swagger and style of The Rolling Stones ... and Steven Tyler had a resemblance to Mick Jagger, too. It wasn't long, though, before the band established itself as a powerhouse all its own.


How did "Aerosmith" fare on the charts?

"Aerosmith" was just laying the groundwork for the band's ferocious rock sound. The debut album was a simple rock record that peaked at No. 166.


Which album made the band famous?

"Toys in the Attic" turned the guys into superstars. This album featured songs like "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion."


The first printing of "Aerosmith" misprinted the name of the song "Walkin' the Dog" as what?

"Walkin' the Dog" was accidentally listed as "Walkin' the Dig." This mistake, of course, was corrected in future printings.


What role does Brad Whitfield have in the band?

Whitfield is the band's rhythm guitarist. He's also done some of the band's songwriting.


What was the top chart position for the song "Walk This Way"?

In 1977 "Walk This Way" climbed all the way to the No. 10 spot. The band would eventually have even bigger hits, including a remake of the same song.


Which member of the band left in 1979?

The band's interpersonal conflicts were notorious at times in the 70s. After one angry confrontation, Joe Perry decided that he'd had enough.


What did Perry decide to do after quitting Aerosmith?

Perry quit and formed the Joe Perry Project. The band was forced to employ a new guitarist to complete an album that was already in the works.


In 1986, Aerosmith re-released "Walk This Way" with which group?

The updated song fused rap and rock and peaked at No. 4. Not only did it revive Aerosmith's popularity, it helped rap spread to the mainstream.


Which band member departed in 1981?

Perry's departure sent the band into a tailspin and Whitford decided it was time for him to go, too. He eventually joined the Joe Perry Project.


What happened to Tyler in late 1980?

Tyler, ever the risk-taker, was in a scary motorcycle accident that badly hurt him. He was unable to perform for months.


In the 80s, Tyler collapsed onstage multiple times. Why?

The band was known for its hard-partying ways, and Tyler often took substance use to extremes. More than once, he collapsed during a show and was unable to continue.


Steven Tyler eventually successfully completed drug rehab.

Tyler knew he had a problem. In the late 80s he finally managed to kick his overwhelming substance habits, and the rest of the band dealt with their abuse problems, too.


Which album was first to feature songwriters from outside the band?

The band was initially leery of letting other people contribute to songwriting, but the process worked. "Permanent Vacation" was a huge hit.


Devoted fans of the band are called what?

Aerosmith fans are known as The Blue Army, and the band named their 2015 tour for their devoted followers.


Aerosmith is the best-selling band ever from the United States.

Metallica who? Aerosmith is America's band, with more than 150 million albums sold around the globe since the group's launch in 1970. That's more than any other band from the U.S.


"Pump" is one of the band's most successful albums. How many Top 10 singles does it feature?

"Pump" featured three top 10 singles: "Love in an Elevator," "Janie's Got a Gun" and "What it Takes."


What happened to Joe Perry during a July 2016 show?

Perry suffered a probable heart attack and had to be revived by medical personnel. It was a scary reminder of his mortality.


Which band opened for Aerosmith during a 1988 tour?

Guns N' Roses and Aerosmith have a long-running relationship. GNR guitarist Slash has even played for Aerosmith on tour.


The band is planning one final farewell tour.

After decades of rocking, the guys still aren't done. They plan to launch a farewell tour in 2017 ... and it could last for years.


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