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In the natural order of things there are predators and there are prey, with an interchange of roles down the food chain. In one of these struggles for survival is african buffalo try to defend themselves from lions. Take this quiz and learn more about the buffalo's defenses.

How do lions hunt?

Lions hunt in groups, working together to take down their prey.


Who usually does the hunting?

The female of the species usually hunts


How long does it take for a lion to cover 100 yards (91.4 meters)

It takes about 6 seconds which is a speed of about 60 miles per hour (96 km/h). The world record for a human sprint over the 100 yard distance is about 9 seconds.


What does a buffalo weigh?

The buffalo weighs about 1,500 pounds (680 kilograms).


What do the buffalo's horns measure, tip to tip?

The horns of the buffalo are one of their main defensive weapons and can measure 4 feet (1.22 meters) tip to tip.


At what age do male buffalo peak physically?

They peak at about 10 years of age and then are usually replaced and must leave the herd, when they can become easy prey for lions


Can buffalo discover the presence of lions?

They have an excellent sense of smell and the slightest whiff of lion will alert the herd.


Are buffalo always the prey when it come to lions?

Given the opportunity, buffalo will often sneak up on sleeping lions, trampling them and then hunting down the cubs.


What is the defense strategy when fleeing from attack?

The fleeing buffalo will often turn suddenly in mid-flight and try to gore the attacker before continuing to retreat.


What other defense mechanisms do the buffalo have?

White birds called oxpeckers roost on the buffalo feeding on fleas and ticks. These birds warn the buffalo of danger by hissing.


How much does a buffalo sleep a day?

Buffalo sleep for minutes at a time (for a total of about two hours a day), remaining on constant alert for predators.


What other factor can help the buffalo escape from being brought down?

The sheer size and weight of the buffalo make it difficult to bring down. It can often shrug off an attacker.


Can the herd help a fallen member?

The buffalo herd often returns in force to assist a fallen comrade.


For how long does this group stick together?

The group stays together for life; unrelated lone females are rarely accepted.


How many adult male lions are there in an average pride?

A pride can have one or two unrelated males, who are under constant challenges from other males trying for a hostile takeover.


Who babysits the lion cubs during the hunt?

The male looks after the cubs while the females hunt. Females do almost all the hunting.


On the average, which animal is responsible for killing more humans every year?

Although it is not a hunter, the African buffalo is not a friendly creature and as such accounts for most killings of humans.


What is the similarity between buffalo and lions?

In both cases, the groups are mainly female and the males must leave the group once they are fully grown.


How do buffalo defend their young?

The younger, weaker buffalo stay in the middle of the herd while the stronger males form a protective ring.


How does a buffalo use the terrain for protection?

Lions are usually reluctant to get into the water and so buffalo will, when possible, travel in water.


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