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Are you age smart? When it comes to aging, how much do you know? Test your knowledge with this quiz adapted from "YOU: The Owner's Manual", by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen.

Which of the following ages you the least?

Eating steak twice a week makes you less than one year older compared to smoking a pack of cigarettes (eight years older), an inadequate healthy HDL cholesterol of 29 (about 4 years older), and the stress of avoiding a nagging task makes you eight years older.


What is the ideal blood pressure?

The ideal blood pressure is 115/76, established in 56 studies, 52 countries and in over 20 million people. It is the same in New Delhi as it is in Chicago as it is in Tokyo. A lower blood pressure does not add much to your rate of aging, but higher numbers aren't good -- over 50 percent of heart attacks can be attributed to blood pressure between 125/80 and 140/90.


What is the ideal amount of aspirin you should take to decrease arterial aging?

The data shows that you get as much benefit from two or more baby aspirins as from a full aspirin. And two baby aspirins are more than twice as good at preventing arterial disease as is one baby aspirin.


What is the most revealing sign that you might have Alzeimer's-related dementia?

While you forget recent information with Alzheimer's, the forgetfulness is so profound that you can't recognize that you forgot.


What's the best kind of crossword puzzle you can do for your brain?

One you can't finish. By consistently challenging yourself, you increase the growth of your brain cell dendrites and brain functioning.


In menopause, what is the major thing that happens?

The ovaries apparently help govern the start of menopause rather than the brain just sending signals south.


Which of the following is true about the bone condition osteoporosis?

You strengthen your bones by doing exercises that stress the muscles and joints that surround or connect them. Vitamin D and calcium are important as well for both men and women.


Which of the following is true about the joint condition osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is found in 85 percent of people over the age 85 -- that's why it is so important to do things to keep your joints acting less than their age.


What is the most common hormone abnormality in people older than 60?

Hypothyroidism is present in more that 10 percent of people over the age of 60, which is one reason why we urge you to get a thyroid test every five years starting at 45.


Which of the following is true about hormones?

Most over-the-counter hormone supplements are shams. At least the worst that happens is that there is a transfer of money from you to the person selling, and you most likely won't get sick from it.


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