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No matter how many anti-aging products you use, age spots can still show up. We answer all your questions about home remedies and removal in our age spots quiz.

Age spots tend to appear during your:

While they generally begin appearing during your 40's, it's sun exposure and not age that causes the blemishes.


The areas of the body which are most prone to age spots are:

The hands and face are exposed to the sun more often than other parts of the body.


There is no way to prevent age spots.

If you make a point of protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays you may be able to avoid age spots.


Age spots are formed on which layers of skin:

Since age spots form on the outermost layers of skin, you have don't have to live with them if you don't want to.


One method of treating age spots involves freezing the top layer of skin.

Once skin is regenerated in place of the dead, frozen skin you'll be blemish free.


Other treatments involve the use of:

Lasers are used to get underneath the skin and remove the dark patches.


Chemical peels cannot remove age spots.

It may take several treatments but chemical peels are an effective treatment option.


Liquid nitrogen removes age spots by:

Liquid nitrogen treatments will leave your skin lighter but it can cause permanent scarring.


Dermabrasion treatment is like using a soldering iron on your face.

It's not like a soldering iron but it is similar to using sandpaper on your face.


The best way to determine if age spots are cancerous is to:

If your doctor is concerned by what he sees he will likely do a biopsy.


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