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Consumer interest in farming has grown, as people want to know more about where their food comes from. The time may be just ripe for agritourism endeavors. Take this quiz to learn more about agritourism.

What is agritourism?

Agritourism is any agriculture activity that brings visitors to an area.


What is an agritourist activity?

Staying on an olive farm in Tuscany is an agritourist activity.


How have corn farmers supplemented their income with agritourism?

Some corn farmers have built mazes in their corn fields, and others let tourists pick their own corn.


What has caused a financial strain on farmers?

Rising costs and lower commodity prices have got many farmers stressed to the maximum.


Local farmers are in competition with whom for sales?

Today, farmers have competition from local, regional, national and international competitors.


How do industrialized agriculture businesses cut their costs?

Large farming enterprises cut their costs by using large-scale facilities and modern technology.


How may agritourism save the small farmer from an economic disaster?

Agritourism may offer supplemental income for small farmers.


What is an example of a complementary agritourism enterprise?

A farm where half of the profits come from traditional farming, and half come from agritourism.


What type of enterprise is an apple farm that makes most of its profits from a guest house on the farm property, and in addition sells its apples from a farm stand?

This is a primary enterprise, since the majority of the profits comes from an agritourism endeavor.


What is an example of direct-market agritourism?

A roadside stand is an example of direct-market agritourism


What is an example of education and experience agritourism?

Pick-your-own fruit is an example of education and experience agritourism.


What is an example of recreation and event agritourism?

A harvest festival is an example of recreation and event agritourism.


Who may be interested in an agritourism?

Anyone who wants to make a connection between the food they eat and where it comes from. Many agriculture based activities are suitable for people of all ages.


In a survey about favorite American vacation destinations, where did outdoor activities rank?

Outdoor activities ranked third.


How much investment would it take to add a pick-it-yourself strawberry patch to an existing strawberry farm?

An agritourist attraction such as a pick-it-yourself strawberry patch would need only a small investment to get it going.


Where is an agritourist activity?

The agritourist activity is in Sonoma.


What agritourist activity may be fun for children?

Children would enjoy both a pick-your-own blueberry patch and a corn maze.


What vacation activity is an example of ecotourism?

Hiking in Costa Rica is an example of an ecotourism activity.


Why may older tourists be interested in seeing farming how it used to be?

Many older tourists like a walk down memory lane.


What may be a fun family activity to do around Halloween time?

If you're lucky, a farm in your area will be supplementing their income with a haunted hay ride or a pick-your-own pumpkin patch.


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