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Nicknamed the "flying White House" by the media, Air Force One has the special duty of carrying the U.S. president on trips overseas and across the country. How high does your knowledge soar regarding this high-tech, deluxe jumbo jet?

How many planes regularly assume the role of Air Force One?

Contrary to popular belief, "Air Force One" technically isn't a plane but the radio call name for any Air Force plane carrying the U.S. president. There are currently two planes flying under this designation.


What type of plane flies as Air Force One?

The two Air Force One planes are nearly identical Boeing 747-200B jets.


What's the top speed of Air Force One?

The Boeing 747 aircraft's four jet engines can propel it up to 700 mph (1,127 kph).


The Air Force One planes have how many levels?

The Air Force One planes (like normal 747s) have three levels. They're almost as tall as a six-story building and as long as a city block.


How many passengers can Air Force One comfortably carry?

The plane's 4,000 square feet of floor space can easily accommodate 70 passengers and 26 crew members.


Which of the following is not found on Air Force One?

The president's plane not only sports a large conference room and workout room, but it also has onboard living quarters with hand-crafted furniture made by master carpenters.


Which deck of the plane holds most of the passengers?

Air Force One's middle deck holds the majority of the passengers. The lowest deck holds luggage and other supplies, and the upper deck consists of the cockpit and communications area.


How long can Air Force One remain in the air?

Due to its in-flight refueling connection, the plane can stay up in the air indefinitely.


Who was the first president to travel by airplane?

In 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first acting president in office to take to the air when he rode a Boeing 314 to a wartime conference in Casablanca.


During which administration did the Air Force dub the president's plane "Air Force One"?

The Air Force adopted the radio call designation "Air Force One" during Eisenhower's administration, and the public took it up soon after Kennedy became president.


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