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You've done all your homework and now you're ready to take your favorite pet on its first flight. Take our quiz to make sure you have no last-minute surprises.

When you decide that you want a pet to fly with you, what should you do first?

You'll want to make sure that you find out all details from your airline well in advance of your fly date. Most animals will have to fly in the cargo hold, because only very small ones can fit under modern airplane seats in their carrier.


What do airlines, resorts and hotels require from you when you are travelling with a pet?

You will be required to provide documentation from a veterinarian of pet health and immunization. This must also contain a certificate proving an up to date rabies vaccination within established periods.


What established time restrictions are required for validity of a current pet rabies vaccination?

A State Certified Vet professional must have examined your pet to be in good health and that it has an up to date rabies vaccination. The vaccination must have been administered within 12 months and it must be one month or more since the last rabies vaccination.


What is the maximum number of days allowed prior to flight for a vet’s pet health certificate to be accepted by an airline?

Be careful when you schedule a vet appointment for a pet health inspection. Most airlines require that your pet’s health certificate be issued no more than 10 days before your flight. Make sure you carry any vet’s documentation and the certificate of health with your tickets, as airlines will not allow your pet to travel without documentation.


According to a survey what is the annual amount that Americans spend on care of their pets?

Americans spent about $43.4 billion on their pets care in 2009. It is no wonder that cash hungry airlines want a share of this business and are so willing to accommodate traveling pets.


When you plan to take a pet on any international flight, what should you do?

International flights require essentially the same documentation, but destination countries often have more restrictions, special tests or extended quarantines for pets. Make sure you get all the proper details from your destination country well in advance of international pet travel.


What is a system that allows animals to travel easily between member countries without being subjected to quarantine called?

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is a system, which allows animals to travel easily between member countries without quarantine. A Pet Passport is a document they issue that officially records information related to a specific animal. Be aware that for PETS qualification you have to use authorized Animal Reception Centers.


What should you always get for your pet that will be required to enter any country in the world in addition to proper immunizations?

All pets entering any country in the world from another country must have a Subcutaneous (below the skin) microchip implant that meets the International Society of Pharmacovigilance (SoP) specification. Every pet should have a microchip, even if you never travel with it, to ensure that if your pet is lost it can be returned safely.


What additional documentation will be required by many airlines before your pet can fly?

You may require an acclimation certificate, which proves that your pet is accustomed to extreme cold while waiting for boarding or on the plane. Most airlines will also require you to sign a waiver that you have fed and watered your pet no more than four hours prior to flight time, a live animal checklist and tranquilizer consent forms.


What animal did a Delta baggage handler encounter roaming around in a cargo hold in 2008?

Two cheetahs were being shipped to the Memphis Zoo from Wildlife Safari in Oregon when the plane made a routine stop in Atlanta. One of the one-year-old Cheetahs had escaped its crate and was wandering around when the cargo door opened.


What do most airlines require for your pet besides documentation before they will accept them for boarding an airplane?

Most airlines require a hard-bodied carrier for your pet that is large enough for the animal to turn around, lie down and stand all the way up in a natural way. Pet carriers are also required to have food and water sources, usually ones that attach firmly to the side of the container.


What is the law concerning traveling with guide dogs or service dogs?

Under the Americans With Disabilities Laws no restaurants, schools, buses, taxis, airplanes, stores, movie theaters, concerts, sporting events, doctor's offices, or any other public place may restrict access to a service or guide dog accompanying a disabled individual. There is no requirement for the dog to be wearing a special vest or for the owner to present proof that the animal is certified.


What state formerly had special quarantine laws for pets that applied even to guide or service animals?

Hawaii had unique quarantine laws that applied even to service or guide dogs. There were many requirements to fulfill in order for a service or guide dogs to circumvent quarantine when entering Hawaii but those issues have recently been fixed.


What is a requirement that is strictly enforced by many airlines when someone wants to have a pet fly with them?

All airlines require that an animal must be at least eight weeks old before they will allow it to board an airplane, regardless if it is in the cabin or in cargo. Any animal under eight weeks old is unlikely to survive a flight.


What is a surprising animal that is allowed by law on an airplane for free as a guide or service animal?

You may be surprised that there are guide or service miniature horses that may fly for free in the airplane cabin. They work as excellent guide animals because they are calm, not easily distracted, live long lives and are rarely viewed as pets.


What is a category of animal allowed free passage on an airplane that many people are unaware?

Many travelers are unaware there are other animals besides guide dogs that are considered service animals that may fly free and without restriction in the cabin of an airplane. Animals included are hearing dogs, mobility dogs that can pull wheelchairs, comfort animals and alert animals that warn of an impending seizure.


What does an airline verbal assurance request entail in regards to a service or guide animal?

Travelers with a guide or service animal must explain what the animal does, how it assists them and where it was trained. Airlines also like to see the animal in a harness and vest, but the law does not require that you comply.


What does the Ja La La Café In downtown Tokyo charge for a cat companion per hour?

The Ja La La Café charges $10 an hour for a cat companion. You can come over to the café and pet or play with a kitty of your choice for only 10 bucks before you leave relaxed and happy.


Are cats the only companion that you can rent while you are visiting in Tokyo?

According to, if you are not a fan of cats, companies can find you beetles, ferrets, dogs or rabbits. Moreover, companies will also rent you a dad, a relative or a husband to practice for your upcoming wedding


What is another restriction that you may run into if you plan to travel with certain kinds of dogs?

There are 26 different pug-nosed dogs or dogs with short small noses that are restricted from flying between June 1 and Sept 31 or if the temperature is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. These breeds have respiratory problems in hot temperatures because of their restricted nose openings.


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