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You might be surprised to know how many things Alaska and Alabama have in common. Both states have suffered from the effects of oil spills, among other similarities. Take this quiz to learn more about the things Alaska and Alabama have in common.

How did the State of Alaska get its name?

The native Aleut people gave the state its name, which means "big land."


Where did the State of Alabama get its name?

Alabama is named for the Native American tribe that lived in the central region of the state.


How did coach Paul "Bear" Bryant get the nickname of "Bear"?

Coach Bryant was head coach of the University of Alabama, and the nickname was the result of Bryant wrestling a bear when he was 13 years old.


What large land predator calls Alaska home?

The polar bear calls Alaska home.


What event occurs during Alabama Frontier Days?

Alabama Frontier Days features a reenactment of French Colonial times.


What French explorer claimed Alaska for France?

In 1786, Jean Francois de Galoup de la Perouse claimed the territory for France.


What did Jim Crow laws keep separate?

Jim Crow laws kept black and white Americans separate.


In what state did Rosa Park refuse to give up her bus seat?

Rosa Park refused to give up her bus seat while riding a bus in Alabama. Her action resulted in the Montgomery bus boycott.


What minority in Alaska had to fight discriminatory practices?

The indigenous people of Alaska had to fight for equal rights.


Which bird is the name of an Alaskan town?

Chicken is the name of a town in Alaska.


What silly name is a town in Alabama?

Slapout is a small town in Alabama.


What contemporary singer grew up in Alaska?

Jewel is a native of Alaska.


Where did Harper Lee write "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

"To Kill a Mockingbird" was written while Harper Lee was living in Alabama.


What huge oil spill damaged parts of the Alaskan coastline?

The Exxon Valdez oil spill caused an ecological disaster in Alaska.


When did the Exxon Valdez oil spill occur?

The oil spill occurred in 1989, but there are still oily beaches in Alaska today.


What important piece of equipment has NASA located in Alaska?

NASA's SAR Data Center is located in Alaska.


Where is NASA's George C. Marshall Flight Center?

The flight center is located in Huntsville, Alabama.


What industry is important to both Alabama and Alaska?

Both states count on fishing for the livelihood of many residents.


Alabama has a coastline _______ miles long.

Alabama has a coastline 600 miles (965 kilometers) long.


What is a popular U.S. cruise destination?

A popular cruise destination is Alaska, and the cruise industry generates a lot of money for the state.


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