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Pacific halibut sport fishing is a cottage industry in Alaska, and a one-day charter could net you a prize winning 200-pound behemouth if you're lucky. We've put together a list of questions that will help you angle your way to enough halibut steak to fill your freezer and then some.

While you're out fishing for halibut, what other types of ocean life are you likely to see?

When you're in Alaskan waters, you may catch sight of sea otters, puffins and whales, as well as seals and porpoises.


About how much can you expect an average Alaskan halibut to weigh?

Clear the decks because an average halibut weighs in at around 20 pounds.


Halibut is a variety of what type of fish?

Halibut is the largest variety of flounder (Pleuronectidae). It has a flat body and close-set eyes.


Why is a halibut's body dark on top and light on the bottom?

All of the above. Halibut are flat fish that are dark on top with a white underside. They blend with the ocean floor to fish looking at them from above and like the ocean bottom when viewed from below. This camouflages them from predators (and potential prey) and makes them attractive to potential mates.


What's the record for the largest Alaskan halibut?

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, that honor goes to a 495-pounder caught off Petersburg, Alaska.


What's the oldest halibut on record?

That would be a 42-year-old female. Males don't live as long; the oldest recorded was 27. Old doesn't mean tough eating, though. When it comes to halibut, it's all good.


What's the top bait for halibut fishing?

You can land an impressive halibut with salmon, crab, octopus and herring. You can also use squid and mackerel heads.


What is the halibut's main predator in Alaskan waters?

Halibut enjoys a position close to the top of the food chain, but it still has to watch out for seals and killer whales, along with some species of sharks. Sport fishing is also a big cause for depleted pacific halibut populations, which is why commercial and recreational halibut fishing is closely monitered by both the United States and Canada.


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