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When Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867, it became widely known as Seward's Folly. How much do you really know about this state of glaciers and gold rushing? Take this quiz and find out.

Mount McKinley?

The highest mountain peak in North America is located in Denali National Park.



Cheer on the Nanooks at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.



Bigger than both London and Los Angeles, Anchorage is about the same size as Delaware.


Northernmost community in the United States?

You can't find a community higher than Barrow, Alaska.


Prudhoe Bay?

Cries of excitement at striking oil rang through Prudhoe Bay in 1968.


Lake Iliamna?

The Iliamna Lake Monster has plenty of room to roam in the largest lake in Alaska.



Juneau was originally named Harrisburg, but locals ultimately favored the name of Harris's prospecting partner, Joe Juneau.


Libby Riddles?

On Libby's Web site, you can buy a sticker that proclaims Alaska as a state where men are men, and where women win the Iditarod.



Salmon's the name of the game in Klawock.



Alaska followed this southern state's example and sent delegates to Washington, D.C., even though Alaska was not yet formally a state.


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