Booze & Blemishes: Do you know how alcohol affects your skin?

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Have you ever wondered why your skin lacks its natural glow after a night of drinking? Take this quiz to find out that glass of jack and coke’s affect on your skin.

Why does your skin appear dull after drinking alcohol?

Alcohol dehydrates your skin and depletes it of vital skin nutrients.


If you overindulge in alcohol, what long-term effect on facial blood vessels occurs?

Drinking alcohol causes facial blood vessels to dilate. Excessive alcohol can cause the vessels to dilate permanently. This causes red, spidery veins.


True or False: Alcohol consumption does not affect other skin disorders such as rosacea and psoriasis.

Alcohol may aggravate these skin conditions and cause additional flare-ups.


Which of the following foods should you avoid when suffering a hangover?

Choose nutrient-rich foods to reverse some of the negative effects of the drinking from the night before.


Alcohol depletes which beneficial vitamin?

Vitamin A, an important anti-oxidant, is depleted from the body as a result of drinking alcohol.


Why is vitamin A beneficial to the skin?

Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant that boosts collagen production and skin cell turnover.


What's the primary physical trait of heavy drinkers?

Heavy drinkers usually have rosy cheeks, red nose or a flushed face.


What should you drink along with alcohol to avoid dehydration?

Drinking water along with alcohol will counteract the effects of the alcohol and will decrease dehydration.


The toxins in alcohol can contribute to what unattractive skin flaw?

Alcohol can cause the buildup of cellulite.


After several drinks, the body will divert oxygen and blood away from where?

The skin loses important blood circulation because oxygen and blood is diverted to the liver and other organs.


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