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This Englishman is now regarded as one of the best filmmakers in history. How much do you know about creepy-cool Alfred Hitchcock?

What was Hitchcock's first job in the film industry?

He was a talented artist, and he put his skills to the test by drawing film sets.


Why was Hitchcock terrified of authority and especially law enforcement officers?

When he was just 5 years old, his father asked a policeman to lock the misbehaving boy in a jail cell for a few minutes to teach him a lesson. The lesson wound up scarring him for life.


In what year was Hitchcock born?

Hitchcock was born in the last year of the 19th century, in Essex, England.


After being hired to direct his first feature film, why wasn't Hitchcock able to complete the project?

He was hired to direct a 1922 film called "Number 13" but didn't have the opportunity to complete the job … because the studio closed.


For how many years was Hitchcock married to his wife?

Married in 1926, their partnership lasted right up until Hitchcock's death in 1980.


How many children did the Hitchcocks have?

They had just one child, a daughter named Patricia. She had small parts in many of Hitchcock's films, but later retired to raise her children.


How old was Hitchcock when he died?

He died at the ripe old age of 80, in Bel Air, California, in 1980.


How many feature films did Hitchcock direct in his career?

His career lasted for more than 60 years, and he managed to direct over 50 movies in that time.


Hitchcock once admitted that he had a weakness for what?

He had a horrific and sadistic side that was offset by his quirky sense of humor … and his love for practical jokes.


At Universal Studios theme park, Hitchcock provided narration for which ride?

He claimed that the company paid him around $1 million to provide the narration for the Jaws ride.


When he was thanking his wife for all of her talents during a 1979 awards acceptance speech, which of her skills did Hitchcock first praise?

He said she was a fantastic film editor, and he raved about her screenwriting skills, parenting and cooking ability, too -- in that order.


How did Hitchcock die?

In 1980, his health began slowly but steadily declining due to kidney failure, which eventually killed him.


Hitchcock was known for wearing which type of clothing on film sets?

He was a man of fine style who appreciated formal fashion, and he almost always wore a suit and tie during filming.


What was Hitchcock's speaking style?

Hitchcock's slow, drawn-out speaking style was one of his trademarks. It helped him to accentuate his dry sense of humor and sarcasm.


When he was a child, what did Hitchcock's mother require him to do at the end of each day?

As his mother retired for the evening, she made young Hitchcock stand at her bed and tell her all about his day. Perhaps that's one of the ways he developed his style of storytelling.


How many Oscars did Hitchcock win during his career?

He is regarded as one of the best filmmakers in the history of cinema, but he never received a single Academy Award, though he was nominated five times.


How old was Hitchcock when he decided to try the movie business?

He was only 21 when he decided to try show business. He was 25 when he directed his first real film.


Hitchcock was overweight for much of his life. At his heaviest, how much did he weigh?

He once hit 365 pounds, and he was only 5 feet 8 inches tall. He adored ice cream.


What food did Hitchcock absolutely loathe?

He thought eggs were revolting and admitted to being a little frightened of them.


How long did the TV show "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" run?

The show ran between 1955 and 1965 on two networks and was famous for its opening featuring Hitchcock filling in a caricature of himself (originally drawn by Hitchcock).


When he received an honorary Oscar award for lifetime achievement, what did Hitchcock say for his acceptance speech?

He said "Thank you very much indeed." It was one of the shortest (and most memorable) acceptance speeches ever.


Where did Hitchcock meet his wife?

He met Alma Reville at an American film production company that had a branch in London. Alma wound up making major behind-the-scenes contributions to Hitchcock's films.


What did Hitchcock call Steven Spielberg?

Hitchcock called Spielberg "the boy who did the fish movie" in reference to "Jaws." Spielberg loved Hitchcock's work and wanted to meet him, but Hitchcock never granted him a visit.


Why did Hitchcock once handcuff together two actors during the filming of "The 39 Steps"?

Hitchcock said he handcuffed them and then "lost" the key as a chemistry-building exercise. His incessant practical joking sometimes bordered on cruelty.


Why was Hitchcock forbidden from shooting scenes at Disneyland?

Walt Disney executives considered "Psycho" to be a "disgusting" film, and they never wanted to be associated with Hitchcock.


What honor did Hitchcock receive in 1980?

In 1980, he was finally knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He was passed over for this honor many times before he finally received his knighthood.


In how many of his movies did Hitchcock appear?

Hitchcock loved to appear in his films. He made (often brief and background appearances) in 39 films.


Why did Hitchcock despise the Hays Code?

The Hays Code was a set of guidelines that censored content in Hollywood productions. Hitchcock's films often pushed the boundaries of what censors considered acceptable.


What was the subject of Hitchcock's "Memory of the Camps"?

This documentary was all about the Nazi concentration camps of World War II. It wasn't seen by the public until the 1980s.


Which film was Hitchcock's personal favorite?

Hitchcock was partial to "Shadow of a Doubt," about a young girl who suspects her much-loved uncle is a serial killer.


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