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Over the past couple years, the innovations coming out of the ATM industry have escalated. ATM manufacturers are developing numerous ways to add to the so-called convenience society that ATMs helped initiate. How much do you know about what ATMs do?

Can ATMs help keep you from spending?

Depending on your disposition, the money machine has historically been more likely to help you overspend than to save. But big banks like Wells Fargo are introducing tools to help you limit how much you withdraw each month.


Is it easier to take money out than to put money in?

Two years ago, the answer would have been an unmitigated yes. But intelligent deposit systems are allowing customers at big and small banks to forget the pen and envelope and put cash straight into the machines.


What's the most common form of theft at an ATM?

These days, most ATM thieves belong to a highly computer-literate coterie that develops devices that steal card numbers and PINs. Investigators are as likely to call in the Secret Service as the local police department.


Can ATMs help bank branches reduce deliveries from armored cars?

With new methods that allow for easy cash deposits, some banks are employing technology that recycles the bills to redistribute them the same day.


Can you buy a lottery ticket at an ATM in the United States?

While a company in Mississippi has started producing a machine that will take money out of your bank account to buy a Quick Pick ticket, the machines are still awaiting approval from state lottery authorities.


Have ATM fees gone down in recent years in response to public outcry?

Every few months, someone introduces a bill in Congress to place a cap on fees that banks can charge for ATM transactions. But if anything, fees overall have remained stable or increased.


Is the advertising at bank ATMs random?

Because banks know so much about their customers, ATM advertising is some of the most targeted, individualized advertising in modern media.


Can you ditch your ATM card for your smart phone?

Those days are coming, but they're not here quite yet. According to experts, smart phones will soon become the new wallets.


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