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By: Kennita Leon
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Every craftsman has tools of their trade and they have to know what they're used for, especially if they want to be called skilled or experts. Are you skilled enough to know what these automotive tools are?

A wrench or spanner, as it is called by some countries, is used primarily for tightening nuts and bolts.

This tool, invented in 1899, is a portable, battery-operated light source and may also be referred to as a torch.

Scissors, introduced over 4,000 years ago, are a pair of hand-operated blades used for cutting and come in many sizes depending on their purpose.

Needle nose or pointy nose pliers are used for holding and cutting wires in places too narrow to reach by hand.

Usually made of plastic, a funnel has a wide mouth and narrow neck and is used for pouring liquids and semi-liquids into a container with a small opening.

Similar to a clamp but a lot bigger, a bench vise is used to hold objects being worked on in place.

A ball joint splitter is the tool used to separate the ball joints of an automobile; the spherical bearings which connect the steering knuckles to the control arms of the vehicle.

There are two types of oil filter wrenches; the chain type and strap type, both of which are used to aid in the removal of oil filters in vehicles.

Before becoming derogatory slang, the term ratchet only referred to a mechanical device used to control rotary motion allowing it to move only in one direction.

Available in different styles and sizes, pliers are used for holding and cutting primarily wires.

Hand cleaners are just that; special liquids made for washing the grease and machine oils off the hands of mechanics.

Every machine comes with a set of clear guidelines on how to set up, take apart and maintain the machine, and automobiles are no different.

The term "socket" refers to the socket wrench; a wrench with detachable sockets of various sizes used for fastening nuts and bolts.

Compressor tools use an air compressor to power them. Some examples of these are drills, sand grinders and framing nailers.

Brake cleaners are aerosols used to remove excess dirt and grime around the brakes of a vehicle.

Philip and flat end screwdrivers are used for tightening screws with the respective heads.

An oil drain pan or drip pan is used for draining machine oils. It may also be used while working beneath the vehicle.

Manufactured by the Stanley company, this utility knife has a flat, very sharp, changeable blade ideal for cutting through tough materials such as rubber.

A set of heads of different sizes and lengths to be attached to a drill is called a bit set.

Jumper cables are a pair of negative and positive cables used to power up a dead car battery by transferring energy from a live one.

Usually silver or gray in color, duct tape is one of the most-used adhesives and durable forms of tape, making it ideal for securing tougher material.

Jack stands are miniature metal Eiffel towers used for supporting a vehicle after it has been propped up with a floor jack.

A spray lubricant is most often found in the form of an oil spray and is used to reduce friction and rust.

A small but important component of vehicle engines, the engine seal protects the engine from contaminants and dirt.

Nails are common tools used not only by mechanics but by various skilled tradesmen to fasten things together, even in some vehicles!

These plastic containers allow a mechanic to keep a clean, organized working environment by providing them with storage space for their tools.

A type of compressor tool, impact guns store energy to produce a high torque output.

Jacks work as levers used to lift or tilt a vehicle to one side.

This is a gauge with an adjustable side used for measuring the width and small distances between components.

A lift generally refers to any tool used for raising heavy objects, e.g., elevators, scissor lifts and auto lifts (used specifically for raising cars).

Ball peens are types of hammers with smaller, circular heads used for striking metals.

Much like cooks wear aprons, mechanics wear protective blue jumpers called coveralls.

Wrenches are able to gain flexibility and access to bolts in hard to reach places with the aid of socket swivels.

A lathe machine is a tool used for shaping and smoothing of metal by attaching to a rotating axis.

Pressure gauges are small meters used for measuring the pressure created by the applied force of fluids.

This is a type of hammer with a large head used for delivering softer blows to objects.

Spark plugs transmit electrical energy to ignite air mixtures in combustion chambers, i.e., it is needed to start the engine of a vehicle.

This tool uses a grinding wheel to smooth out the surface of materials.

More commonly known as a crowbar, pry bars are flat-ended metal bars used for prying or forcing apart two objects.

Nut splitters are small tools ideal for removing nuts that are rusty or jammed.

Apart from wearing their protective coveralls, mechanics also use toughened glasses to protect their eyes when using power tools.

Headlamps are torches that are wearable around the head, allowing for the use of both hands.

Usually available in the form of a socket wrench, torque wrenches are used for fastening nuts and bolts by applying a precise torque.

Gloves used by mechanics are usually made of tougher materials to prevent their hands from being burnt and cut by engine parts.

This is a long bar used for quickly untightening nuts and bolts by applying a significant amount of torque.

Tread depth gauges are tiny cylindrical meters that are stuck into the tread of tires to measure their tread depth.

Needle scalers are compressed tools which use needle heads to chip away at rust, dirt and paint on engine parts before repairing them.

This is a single device which is able to measure several units of voltage, current, and resistance.

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