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How knowledgeable are you on allergies and asthma? Take our allergy and asthma quiz and see how well you do.

If you suffer from dust allergies at home, that means your house is not clean.

While it's true that an unclean house can aggravate a dust allergy, keeping your house clean does not guarantee that you'll be free of symptoms. That's because normal cleaning routines such as dusting, vacuuming or mopping won't completely rid your linens or carpets of dust mites. Try eliminating dust-catching curtains and carpets from the bedroom of an allergy sufferer. A damp mop run across a hard floor each day does the best job of minimizing dust mite numbers.


If you haven't developed allergies as a child, you're not going to get them as an adult.

People do develop allergies as adults. The older you are, though, the better your chances of staying allergy-free. "Generally, as people get older, their allergic response changes," says Gary Stadtmauer, M.D., assistant clinical professor of medicine at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. "As they reach their 50s, it tends to die down. It's fairly uncommon for someone over 50 to develop new allergies.


There are short-haired breeds of dogs that do not cause allergies.

The substances in dogs that cause allergy and asthma symptoms are found in both hair and saliva. While different breeds may produce different amounts of allergens, all can trigger symptoms in vulnerable people.


Allergy shots must be continued for the rest of your life.

Many people who receive allergy shots are able to eventually stop them. Studies have shown that people who have become immune to the substances that provoke their allergies are still benefiting from the shots eight years after they have been stopped.


Aside from AIDS and tuberculosis, asthma is the only chronic disease in which the death rate is rising.

Fourteen Americans die from asthma each day. The asthma death rate increased by 58 percent overall from 1979 to 1992. For children 19 or younger, the death rate rose by 78 percent between 1980 and 1993.


Asthma can be worse for people in urban areas with greater levels of pollution.

Recent studies have concluded that people with chronic medical conditions such as lung disease and asthma should be cautious in urban areas with higher levels of pollution because the likelihood of having an episode is higher.


To test for asthma, doctors do a Pulmonary Function Test and a finger prick.

Finger pricks are typically done to test for insulin levels in diabetics. The most common tests for asthma are the Pulmonary Function Test and the Spirometry which is another form of testing for lung function.


If you suffer from asthma, it's still okay to live in a basement apartment.

If you suffer from asthma, you should avoid anything that can cause an allergic reaction, such as mold and mildew (common in cooler, damper areas such as a basement) and any other triggers such as animals or pets with fur and dander.


Cigarette smoking is a great way to calm asthma and allergies.

Cigarette smoke is a major asthma irritant and reduces immunity in your body making you more susceptible to dangerous allergic reactions.


Allergies to certain types of food may increase a child's likelihood for asthma.

Allergies to certain types of food, especially milk and wheat, are more often a trigger of asthma in children. If you or your child suffer from allergies, this may be a sign of a greater risk for asthma.


People with asthma should avoid excessive exercise.

While doctors often discourage kids who suffer from asthma from intense physical activity, exercise actually increases an asthmatic's tolerance for labored breathing.


Allergies are psychosomatic.

Allergies are a very real medical condition. That said, emotional stress can help cause an allergic reaction and relaxation is a good way to help with an outbreak.


Certain allergies can be outgrown.

Sometimes as the gastrointestinal system develops, it becomes better at blocking absorption of components that trigger food allergies. It is not uncommon for children to outgrow allergies to cow's milk, eggs, wheat and soybean products; however, allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish are often lifelong.


Allergy shots do not work.

Allergy shots have anywhere from an 85-95 percent rate of effectiveness. That said, everyone is different and sometimes the procedure does not yield the desired results.


Avoiding the outdoors during pollen season will help with your allergies.

As tough as it sounds, especially if you're an outdoors person, it's always a good idea to avoid spending lengths of time outside during peak allergy season. Try to find some stuff to do around the house, avoid heavily pollinated areas and give your head and sinuses a rest for better health.


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