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Do you want to know what you're allergic to? Wonder no more. There are several options available for allergy testing, some of which are rather inexpensive and quick. Take this quiz and find out which allergy test best suits your needs.

Who is qualified to perform allergy tests in the United States?

In the United States, only board certified allergy specialists can administer an allergy test. These are the only health care professionals that are permitted to do allergy pricks and intradermal skin testing.


Skin titration is an allergy test whereby allergens:

Skin titration, also known as the Rinkel method, involves placing allergens on top of your skin. This is not a well-supported allergy testing method.


The radioallergosorbent test is a way of screening for allergies. What does the radioallergosorbent test measure?

The radioallergosorbent test (RAST), measures IgE antibodies. For example, if you have a high number of pollen IgE antibodies you are probably allergic to pollen.


What are eosinophils?

Eosinophils, also known as allergy cells, can typically be found in the nasal passages of someone who is suffering from nasal allergy symptoms. If a nasal allergy is suspect, your physician my take a nasal smear to see if eosinophils are present


How does a physician test for allergies in a scratch test?

A scratch test involves placing a small amount of an allergen inside a small prick on your skin. If you react to the allergen, a large bump, similar to a hive, will form.


What is an advantage of the allergy scratch test?

The scratch test is inexpensive compared to other allergy tests. It's also relatively painless as the pricks do not hurt, and you get immediate results, within 20 minutes.


Why is intradermal testing unreliable?

Although intradermal testing tends to be more sensitive than the scratch test, intradermal testing yields false positives too often. This means that an intradermal test may indicate you are allergic to a certain allergen, when in the real world you are not allergic to that allergen.


Who would not be able to do a scratch allergy test?

Although the scratch test is the most economic and easiest allergy test to administer, it's not for everyone. People with severe eczema and people taking antihistamines cannot have a scratch test.


What does a physician do during a challenge allergy test?

During a challenge test, you would either inhale or ingest increasingly higher doses of a suspected allergic substance until you begin to have an allergic reaction.


What type of allergens are tested in a challenge allergy test?

The challenge test is predominantly used for testing allergies related to prescription medication and food. It is an expensive test to administer and may lead someone to have an anaphylactic response.


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