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Almost every country on planet Earth took part in WWII, which killed perhaps 70 million people. How much do you know about the Allied forces that fought back against Axis aggression?

The initial coalition at the beginning of WWII did NOT include which country?

The Italians quickly drew the ire of other European countries by signing up for Hitler's wacky schemes


About how many soldiers did Poland mobilize to stop the German advance during the early war?

But they had no substantial air force and relied on horsed cavalry to stop the Nazi mechanized forces.


In total, how many people served in the armed forces of Allied and Axis countries?

Today, we cannot begin to fathom a conflict that sweeps up so many lives


In 1942, which countries were considered "The Big Three" of the Allied forces?

The Big Three were later joined by the Chinese, along with many other countries.


Once they began attacking the Belgians, how long did it take the Nazis to take Belgium, a key Allied nation?

Fortunately, many of the Belgian forces escaped the country and fought again later.


By the end of WWII, about how many nations had aligned themselves with the Allies?

Together, the world was determined to destroy the Axis


Which Allied country had what was thought to be the most potent army in Europe?

But the country was stuck using WWI-era strategies that struggled versus modern Nazi attacks.


How many armored divisions did the Allies have at the beginning of the war?

They had tanks but no specifically organized armored divisions; the Nazis, on the other hand, had armored divisions ready to roll.


The Allies sent how many naval vessels as part of the D-Day assault on June 6, 1944?

And about 150,000 troops took part in the action


In 1939, which two Allied countries were the first to mobilize when they realized that Germany was hellbent on war?

The German invasion of Czechoslovakia in March of that year signaled the end of peace.


Which Allied countries fought Japan in the Battle of the Coral Sea, the first-ever battle featuring aircraft carriers on both sides?

Japan won the fight but the Allies caused enough damage to slow the Japanese advance.


In comparison to Germany, how many planes did the Allies have when war broke out?

But a good number of the Allied planes were obsolete.


Of France's roughly 500 bombers in 1939, how many of them were outdated?

When war became imminent, the French were desperately scrambling to update their warplanes.


Which Allied countries fought the Nazis in the Third Battle of Kharkov, in 1943?

The Germans won the battle and retook cities in the area


The evacuation of Allied forces from Dunkirk saved about how many soldiers?

Those British, French and Belgian forces would later come in very handy against the Nazis.


Which Allied country was among the first to fall and then became a garrison for 300,000 Nazis for the duration of the war?

Norway gave Hitler a potential launching point for an attack on England.


How many Allied soldiers did Japan take prisoner after the Battle of Singapore in 1942?

Allied forces in the area were made up of soldiers from Britain, Australia, the Netherlands and India.


Which Allied country did NOT contribute significant numbers of soldiers to the Guadalcanal Campaign, which helped to turn the tide of the Pacific War?

The Allied victory cost more than 600 aircraft and 7,000 dead … but the Japanese lost far more


How many U.S. troops served in WWII?

Nearly 700,000 of those troops were wounded.


How many U.S. troops died in combat?

And yet, U.S. losses were minimal in comparison to other Allied countries


How many U.S.S.R. troops died in combat during the course of the war?

Another 5 million were wounded; the extreme losses from the conflict haunts its population to this day.


Which Allied air forces took part in the Battle of Britain?

The British bore the weight of the German air attacks mostly on their own and emerged victorious.


Which Allied country sent five airmen to train in the U.S. and fight against the Axis powers?

Haiti also contributed other resources; it declared war on Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor.


For how long did Yugoslavia resist the German onslaught after joining with the Allies?

Many government officials fled and took up the fight from afar.


Which Allied country was charged with taking the Juno sector of the beach during the D-Day landings?

Some units lost half of their men but in the end, 30,000 troops made it ashore.


Forces from the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, New Zealand and Australia fought the Japanese in a bloody, 82-day conflict called what?

The Allied victory was costly but helped push Japan closer to surrender.


Why did Mexico join the Allied forces and declare war on Germany in 1942?

More than 10,000 people of Mexican origin fought, and the country sent valuable fighter aircraft to join the United States Air Force.


How many Allied countries formalized their relationship in the "Declaration by United Nations" on Jan. 1, 1942?

It included Australia, Haiti, Yugoslavia, India, South Africa and other nations from around the planet.


How many Allied countries participated in the naval assault on D-Day?

In addition, four countries dropped paratroopers in advance of the assault in order to soften up defenses.


After the war, what group of nations allied to stabilize their regions and maintain peace?

The U.S., U.K., U.S.S.R. and China (called the Four Powers during the war) banded together to disarm other countries and maintain some semblance of order.


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