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The Amazon Cloud Player is making music more portable than ever by making use of cloud computing. Just how much do you know this powerful media player?

What's the brand name of Amazon's cloud computing services for businesses?

Amazon Web Services features products like the Simple Storage Solution (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) which provide the resources a business needs to run virtual datacenters in the cloud.


The Sony Walkman, the first successul personal stereo, was first sold in what year?

The first Sony Walkman hit the market in 1979, and Sony continued to improve the Walkman with newer and better models throughout the 1980s.


How much storage space did the first iPod have?

The original iPod had 5 GB of storage and scroll wheel that clicked when you turned it. Its simple, innovative design became the model for all descendant iPod models.


How much Amazon Cloud Drive storage can you use for free even if you don't purchase additional storage?

The first 5 GB is free in your Amazon Cloud Drive, though currently Amazon offers a boost to 20 GB free for a year if you puchase an album from its MP3 store. You can purchase additional Cloud Drive space in increasing increments, each tier costing about $1 per gigabyte per year.


What controversial feature of Amazon's MP3s make it easier for you to download and play your files in any MP3 player?

Though all of these statements are features of Amazon MP3, the controversial choice is that the files do not include any type of digital rights management (DRM) encoding. This feature has caused musicians and music producers concern about how Amazon is distributing their music.


Which audio file formats can Amazon Cloud Player play?

Though you can store any type of audio files in your Amazon Cloud Drive, the Amazon Cloud Player can only play MP3 and AAC (.m4a) files.


What additional software, besides your Web browser, does your computer need to have before you can play music in the Amazon Cloud Player Web application?

The Amazon Cloud Player is a Flash-driven Web application which requires you to have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.


Which of the following is NOT a requirement for running the Amazon Cloud Player?

The Amazon Cloud Player is a Web application and doesn't require you to download any software from Amazon in order to function. Alternately, you can download the Amazon MP3 Player for your computer if you'd rather play your music from a separate application instead of your Web browser.


The Amazon MP3 Player can stream your Cloud Drive music over the Internet. Which of the following was the first mobile operating system that supported the Amazon MP3 Player app?

Android devices, including smartphones and tablets, can install the Amazon MP3 Player app from the Google Android Market and stream their music from an Amazon Cloud Drive as long as they have an Internet connection.


If you have Windows 7, Vista, or XP or an Intel-based Mac OS X computer, what software application does the Amazon Cloud Player look for when you click its "Upload to your Cloud Drive" button?

If you're using these supported versions of Windows and Mac, the upload button in the Amazon Cloud Player launches the Amazon MP3 Uploader software installed on your computer, or it prompts you to install it. If you don't have a compatible OS, or you don't want to install the MP3 Uploader, you can still upload your music using the Cloud Drive Web application instead of the Cloud Player. Just be sure the files are in one of the formats that Cloud Player can play (MP3 or AAC).


When you purchase MP3s from Amazon, how does Amazon deliver your new MP3s to you?

You can adjust your account settings at to indicate how you want to receive your new MP3 purchases.


After you purchase or upload music to the Amazon Cloud Player, where can you find those newly uploaded tracks in the Web application?

The Amazon Cloud Drive has two playlists that help you quickly find new additions to your Cloud Drive: Latest Purchases for music you bought as Amazon MP3s and Latest Uploads for music you uploaded from your computer.


The Amazon Cloud Player gives you two ways to download: using your browser's downloader or opening special download manager software from Amazon. What's the name of that download manager?

The Amazon MP3 Downloader can be configured not only to download your music from the Amazon Cloud Player, but also to automatically import your downloads into iTunes or Windows Media Player.


What term is used to describe media file formats that compress data by removing some of it to conserve space?

Lossy compression means that some of the digital information within the media file was permanently removed in order to create the compressed file. MP3 is a lossy format that makes audio files tiny while preserving enough data for good-quality playback. Lossless is the opposite of lossy, describing a file format that preserves all the original data from the audio recording. Lossless file formats, such as FLAC, result in much larger files than MP3s.


Which of the following is a close competitor of the Amazon Cloud Drive for online storage services?

Dropbox offers the same types of online storage as Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon's advantage, currently, is that it has software you can use to stream music from your Cloud Drive. Google and Apple's MobileMe both have online services that can store data for you, but they're more limited in how and where you can access that data.


Which of the following is NOT a requirement for playing music on your mobile device by streaming it over the Internet from your Cloud Drive?

If you're streaming music directly from your Amazon Cloud Drive, you won't need a lot of available space. If you aren't using an Android device, or if your Internet connection isn't very reliable, you also have the option of downloading the music onto your mobile device.


Who is likely to be concerned about legal issues regarding Amazon's DRM-free music?

When digital music sellers protect files with digital rights management (DRM), the DRM encoding in the files discourages listeners from copying and redistributing the music illegally. Since Amazon is offering its MP3s without that DRM encoding, artists and businesspeople across the music industry have been concerned that Amazon could be violating their intellectual property rights.


How easy it is to share your Amazon Cloud Drive music with friends?

Easy may be a relative term, but most people would be very reluctant to give their password out to friends. Further, if you give out your login information or download the files onto some other media, you'll be in violation of Amazon's terms of service.


What's the most storage you can purchase for your Amazon Cloud Drive?

Though the first 5 GB of Amazon Cloud Drive storage is free, you can purchase additional space at different tiers with prices that come to about $1 per gigabyte per year. The highest tier is 1000 GB for $1,000 GB per year.


What official term is used to describe a small, portable device where you can store music and play it back through headphones whenever, wherever you want?

The Sony Walkman and Apple iPod were two significant milestones in the history of personal stereos. The release of the Amazon Cloud Player may be setting a new milestone by eliminating the need to store your music on the device itself.


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