Quiz: American Auto Manufacturers Quiz
American Auto Manufacturers Quiz
By: Seth Thomas
Image: Redline Reviews

About This Quiz

Think you know all about American auto manufacturers? Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.

The first car was designed by French inventor, François Isaac de Rivaz, way back in 1808, but it wasn't until the 1890s that these newfangled contraptions hit the United States and started a war ... an auto manufacturer's war, that is.

Many companies recognized the importance of the automobile as a way to get from here to there faster, cheaper, and, for the most part, safer. However, although hundreds of manufacturers set their sights on the new automobile economy, only a handful made it out of the auto wars unscathed. And of that handful, three would rule the industry for generations. Those three were Ford, General Motors and Chrysler - known as The Big Three. Each of these automaker giants positioned themselves as players in the post-World War II economic boom. They survived the Great Depression, coasted through the War years, and emerged as major players that eventually set the tone for the American auto industry.

Once truly a horseless carriage, the American automobile is now the picture of convenience and, some may say, excess. How well do you know American auto manufacturers?

Get in gear and take this quiz!

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