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If you're one of those who need an adrenaline rush from their sporting activities, the American Outdoorsman Adventure Club was designed for you. Take this quiz to see the excitement that awaits you.

Who developed the American Outdoorsman Adventure Club?

It was developed by the host, Jim Mueller, and the staff of the American Outdoorsman television and radio programs.


Why was the club created?

It was originally created to gain discounts for members on a wide range of guided adventures.


How does the club contribute to conservation and preservation awareness?

It organizes eco-tours around the world where participants work on preservation projects.


Where can members see manatees in their natural habitat?

They can be seen at the Merritt Island Natural Wildlife Refuge in Florida.


Where overseas can they observe birds and other wildlife?

They can observe birds and other wildlife in rural Manitoba, Canada.


What benefit can the club offer if you're planning a vacation?

You can access a database of hundreds of suppliers that have been screened by the club.


Is there a discount on guided adventure vacations in the U.S.?

There is a 15 percent discount on guided adventure vacations in the U.S.


What discount is offered for international adventure trips?

There is a 20 percent discount on international adventure trips.


Who qualifies for the discounts?

Up to two adults and the children at their address qualify.


What other benefit is there?

Access to a social network is an added benefit.


How does this differ from what is available to the general public?

It is an exclusive, secure social network requiring a user name and password and open only to members of the club.


Why not just use a forum on Facebook to receive or exchange information?

You could, but you would be exposed to anyone who felt like responding; whereas a secure, membership-only network of like-minded people gives you a more relevant and qualified environment.


What happens on the online forum?

Members can ask the staff questions and join discussions.


Which of the following best describes the range of activities of the club?

Activities include hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting, snowshoeing, dune-buggy riding and bird hunting.


What is the annual membership fee?

The fee is $99 a year.


Apart from the benefits previously discussed, what else does membership offer?

It offers invitations to private club events around the world.


What else could you do?

You could participate in teaching adventures led by the professional staff.


Do the teaching adventures include outdoor video taping and photography?

They do.


When ATV excursions are offered, what does this mean?

Trips in all terrain vehicles.


How do fishing and big game hunting fit into conservation and preservation?

Controlled fishing and hunting (with permits) is an accepted aspect of wildlife conservation.


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