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So you've been passed over again at work for that promotion you wanted. You're so angry that you can't get any more work done today, so you've come to HowStuffWorks to spend the rest of the day doing quizzes. Maybe understanding anger might help you to relax!

What's the difference between women's anger and men's anger?

Anger in women is more likely triggered by their close relationships, such as when they feel let down by family members and friends. Men are more likely to be angered by strangers, objects that aren't working correctly and larger societal issues.


What part of the brain controls reasoning and tempers the amygdala's response to an anger trigger?

The frontal lobe, or the part of the brain that's over the left eye, controls reasoning and keeps an angry person from throwing a vase across the room.


What does Phineas Gage have to teach us about anger?

Phineas Gage was a mild-mannered railroad worker until he suffered an accident in which a rod went through his skull, right above the left eye. From then on, Gage was angry, irritable and unstable. The rod had destroyed the frontal lobe's ability to control an anger response.


What does acetylcholine have to do with anger?

Acetylcholine is a hormone that tempers the more severe effects of adrenaline. A person who is angry all the time may not produce this hormone.


In a study of almost 13,000 subjects, individuals with the highest levels of anger had a higher risk of heart attack compared to those with the lowest levels of anger. How much greater was the risk?

The study found that individuals with the highest level of anger had three times the risk of heart attack, as well as twice the risk of coronary heart disease, as individuals with the lowest levels of anger.


Anger expression typically takes one of three forms. Which method of anger expression has been described as depression?

Anger-in, or turning anger inward, has been described as depression. This method of anger expression is overwhelmingly observed in women, who may feel that society frowns on angry women.


How do you diagnose someone with anger?

Anger is not defined by the DSM-IV, the diagnostic bible for mental health professionals. As such, there's not a specific way to diagnose or treat someone with chronic anger.


What is the goal of anger management?

Those in anger management classes learn how to defuse anger triggers and express anger in a healthy way.


Do animals get angry?

Anger requires a mental component that many scientists think that animals aren't capable of. Animals are likely expressing fear, a primary emotion, rather than anger, a secondary emotion which requires attributing blame.


What is public anger?

Public anger is anger that is collectively directed toward the institutions in power.


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