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Is it true that elephants never forget? If they don't, just what kind of things do they remember? If you've ever wondered whether animals demonstrate consciousness, find out by taking this quiz.

Can elephants create art?

Elephants in Thailand are trained to paint -- to hold brushes with their trunks and to make strokes on a canvas. Trainers leave the elephants to develop their own styles.


Does what the elephants do represent a form of self-expression?

It's a difficult question to answer. Most elephants do abstract paintings, although a few can apparently do figurative images of elephant forms. Let's leave the question open.


When an elephant paints a portrayal of the elephant form, is it aware it is doing a portrait or self-portrait?

One way of looking at this is that the elephant has probably learned to fine-tune its skills at depicting the elephant form.


Considering the centuries of questions regarding consciousness, have conclusive verdicts been reached?

Few conclusive verdicts have in fact been reached.


What are three fundamental aspects of consciousness that are still uncertain?

Consciousness can be defined in different ways, it may occur differently in physical as well as psychological terms, and it remains to be concluded to what degree its manifestation is understood intuitively by most people as consciousness.


What is the main problem in researching animal consciousness?

Animals lack the necessary language skills to convey to researchers their perceptions and understandings.


To demonstrate consciousness, does an animal need to have a self-awareness of its place and see itself as an active agent?

The simple answer is that no one knows. The answers to this and other questions are as varied as the researchers working in the field.


Do people intuitively believe big-brained mammals exhibit signs of consciousness?

Many people believe that big-brained mammals exhibit some signs of consciousness, although this is intuitive and not necessarily based on solid evidence.


How do those people who believe mammals display consciousness feel about consciousness in insects and worms?

Their beliefs waver probably because of the differing sizes of brains between mammals and insects.


What did early research show regarding members of the great ape family and their reflections in mirrors?

Research showed that some of them recognized their own reflections.


What were the findings regarding elephants and dolphins?

It was found that they, too, display clear signs of recognition.


A study in 2008 published interesting findings about magpies. What were they?

It found that magpies try to examine strange markings placed indirectly beneath their beaks when facing a mirror.


What kind of test was developed for dolphins?

The test developed was to indicate the degree of interest in a mark without hand gestures.


Regarding bees, what did researchers find?

They were able to train bees to fly through mazes based on colored visual cues, even when those cues were replaced with similar ones, thereby showing an ability to retain and generalize information.


Is it likely that bees contemplate the meaning of life while flying from flower to flower?

It is highly unlikely.


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