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The books of the "Anne of Green Gables" series were instant hits when they were published more than 100 years ago, and they still stand the test of time. Test your knowledge of the beloved children's classics by taking this quiz.

Who wrote the "Anne of Green Gables" book series?

L.M. Montgomery is the author.

What does "L.M." stand for?

Lucy Maud Montgomery lived from 1874 to 1942.

What is Anne's last name?

Anne was born Anne Shirley.

What's the name of the town where Anne lives?

"Anne of Avonlea" is the second book in the series.

Where is Avonlea?

Anne lives on Prince Edward Island.

When was "Anne of Green Gables" published?

The first book in the series came out in 1908.

Who does Anne live with?

Brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert adopt Anne from an orphanage.

How old is she when she comes to Green Gables?

Anne is 11 years old when she ends up at the Cuthberts'.

Who is Anne's lifelong best friend?

Diana Barry is Anne's "bosom friend."

Who does Anne marry?

Anne marries her childhood friend Gilbert Blythe.

What is Gilbert's profession?

Anne and Gilbert both start out as teachers, but Gilbert goes to medical school and becomes a doctor.

How does Anne's hair become green when she's 14 years old?

Tired of being teased for her red hair, Anne tries and fails to dye it black.

What "scandal" causes Diana's mother to ban Anne from the Barry house?

Diana gets tipsy when Anne accidentally serves currant wine instead of raspberry cordial at a tea party.

How does Anne finally get back into the good graces of Diana's mother?

A few months later, Anne saves the life of Diana's sister Minnie May, who had croup.

Where does Anne go to school when she's 15 years old?

Anne heads to Queen's Academy to study education.

While at Queen's Academy, Anne wins a scholarship for having the highest marks in this subject.

Anne wins the Avery Scholarship for being the top English student.

The Avery Scholarship pays for part of Anne's tuition at this college.

Anne gets into Redmond College as part of the scholarship.

Why does Anne return to Avonlea instead of going to college?

Matthew dies suddenly, so Anne goes back home to help Marilla.

Who is Rachel Lynde?

Marilla's friend Rachel Lynde could at times be called Anne's archenemy, though.

Who is Muriel Stacy?

Muriel Stacy was the teacher who encouraged Anne to further her education.

Who are the twins Marilla and Anne take in when their mother dies?

Anne and Marilla unofficially adopt Dora and Davy Keith, who are distant cousins of Marilla.

Who becomes Anne's best friend at college?

Philippa Gordon is known as the school beauty.

What's the name of the cottage where Anne and Philippa live at college?

Anne and Phil live in a cottage called "Patty's Place" with their friends Priscilla and Stella.

Who courts Anne after she turns down Gilbert's proposal?

Anne and Roy go out for a couple of years, but when he proposes she realizes she doesn't love him.

When Anne finally realizes that she loves Gilbert, what is he sick with?

Gilbert is seriously ill with typhoid fever, and Anne realizes she can't bear to lose him.

What's the title of the book in the series that's written entirely in letters?

"Anne of Windy Poplars" is an epistolary novel, written in the form of letters from Anne to Gilbert.

What is Windy Poplars?

Windy Poplars is the name of the house where Anne lives in Summerside.

Who are the two "aunts" with whom Anne lives in Windy Poplars?

Aunt Kate and Aunt Chatty are the two widows who rent a room to Anne.

What's the nickname of James, Anne and Gilbert's eldest son?

James Matthew Blythe is also known as Jem.

How many children do Anne and Gilbert have?

Anne and Gilbert are parents to Jem, Walter, Nan, Di, Shirley and Rilla.

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