Answer Some Questions About Your Dog and We'll Tell You What Type of Music They Rock Out to While You're Away

Zoe Samuel

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Humans aren't the only animals to love music. Cats, dolphins, monkeys, and even fish do - and dogs certainly do. What's on your dog's secret Spotify playlist? Let's find out!

How aggressive is your dog?

How traditional is your dog?

Does your dog clean themselves a lot?

Do they love walkies even if the weather is bad?

Do they love other dogs?

Have they got any special doggie friends?

Do they work for a living or are they a pet?

Do they have lots of outfits?

Are they sophisticated?

How often do you get their nails trimmed?

Does your dog howl at the moon?

Is your dog mysterious?

How does your dog nap?

Does your dog ever get sad?

Is your dog a city dog through and through?

Does your dog sit nicely on public transport?

Does your dog respect people's boundaries?

What does your dog think of your cat?

Would you trust your dog alone in a room with a cupcake that you had told her not to eat?

Does your dog do as he or she is told?

Does your dog have any enemies?

Does your dog secretly long for the chance to defend you in a glorious battle?

Does your dog have a cheeky side?

How does your dog feel about your vacuum cleaner?

If you start cooking, how does your dog react?

You had ribs for dinner and gave the dog a bone. What does he do?

You replaced your dog's bed with a new one. How does she feel about it?

When was the last time your dog cried?

Does your dog adapt to changes in circumstance?

Do people who meet your dog find him or her intimidating?

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