Answer These History Questions and We’ll Guess Which President You’d Be

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History is a field of study that should be respected because of the many lessons it can teach us about ourselves and the world around us. In fact, the idea that "history repeats itself" is popular because it's been borne out time and again in colonialism, war and the fall of empires. The patterns in history are undeniable, and we can use them as guides for the future. 

But what can history teach us about ourselves and our own personalities? By looking at history, we can find out which president we might have been, and maybe even help clarify what is important to us when we are voting or considering politics in the future. Have you ever been curious which U.S. president you would be? Here's a quiz where you can find out!

The President of the United States has an important role, after all, not only in the U.S., but across the world. They're a leader in the free world and a role model for millions, but that doesn't mean they are all the same in terms of personality or policy. 

So if you're curious which president you would be, answer these history questions and let us tell you. The answer might not only surprise you but could also give you an insight into yourself that you've never seen before. 

How important is every single word in the Constitution?

In which of these states would you rather start a colony in the 1700s?

How would you handle bombing Hiroshima?

How would you have led during Reconstruction in the South?

What is your opinion on Manifest Destiny?

Do you think railroads were worth the environmental hazard?

Should the United States have joined the League of Nations?

Which of these generals do you want running your army?

If you're in the library, you're picking up a book on which American war?

Would you have traveled to the American West in the late-1800s?

Do you think you would have supported Andrew Jackson's decision to go after the national bank?

Should we have fought a war with Mexico for control of Texas?

Who should the United States have fought first in WWII?

If you could only have one of these aircraft carriers from WWII, which one are you taking?

Should the United States have intervened in WWI?

Which of these books would you prefer to read?

It's time to get rich! What would you rather be a part of?

Would you have supported federal programs during the Great Depression?

If you're going to the theatre, which play are you watching?

Should George Washington have served more than two terms?

Do you see the dangers in the "Military Industrial Complex" that Dwight Eisenhower warned America about?

If you're investing in one American invention, what are you putting your money in?

Would you have been part of the counter-culture movement?

Do you understand why America went to war in Vietnam?

What do you consider America's greatest accomplishment?

What would you rather explore in the 1800s?

Would you have entered WWII before the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Who do you think is the greatest artist in American history?

Do you believe that Reaganomics helped the country?

Which American car company would you have invested in?

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