Answer These Moral Yes or No Questions and We’ll Guess What Branch of Law Enforcement You Should Join

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Are you the type of person who has to stop for every stray animal you see, or do you keep your eyes forward and ignore them? Do you help yourself to the samples in the produce section, or do you wait until you've paid? After you answer enough of our morality-based questions, we will be able to tell you which branch of law enforcement you are cut out to join.

While no one has a perfect set of morals and standards, those who uphold the law are expected to possess a higher sense of right and wrong than the rest of us. To see where you stand, we've designed a yes or no version of an interrogation that's fit for the CIA. The way you squirm under the pressure to answer will help us decide which long arm of the law you should consider as a career. 

From State Troopers to the FBI, law enforcement officers represent the very best in our society. Are you morally sound enough to be a local sheriff, or were you made to be a member of the Secret Service? Do your best to be an upstanding person, and we'll tell you where to aim your ambitions! 

If you found a winning lottery ticket, would you try to find the rightful owner?

Do you ever peek in other people's medicine cabinets?

Have you ever sped through a school zone?

Do you ever stop to help turtles cross the road?

If you saw someone being bullied, would you say something?

Have you ever neglected to tip a server?

Do you ever sample the grapes at the supermarket?

When an engagement breaks off, should the ring be given back?

Have you ever picked flowers from your neighbor's garden?

Do you ever embellish the size of the fish that got away?

You realize that one of your coworkers is being paid less than everyone else -- do you say something?

Do you always keep the secrets that you are told?

Have you ever told your partner a little white lie?

If you caught a coworker cheating, would you say something?

Did you ever shoplift a piece of candy when you were a child?

If you found a wallet with $1,000 inside, would you turn it in?

You found out that your best friend's spouse is cheating -- do you tell them?

Did you ever throw a wild party while your parents were out of town?

Someone leaves something you really like behind at party -- do you keep it?

If you saw a purse being snatched, would you chase the culprit?

Have you ever participated in a dine and dash?

Would you ever regift something you don't like?

If a nude person streaked through your neighborhood, would you call the police?

You realize that you've been undercharged at the store -- do you go back and pay?

Do you ever post NSFW things on social media?

Would you ever walk into someone's home without knocking?

Do you ever give money to panhandlers?

If you found a stray puppy, would you try to find its owner?

People are cursing when children are present -- do you ask them to watch their language?

Do you donate your old things to charity?

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