Answer These Moral Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess What Branch of Law Enforcement You Work In

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About This Quiz

When you apprehend suspects, which kind of law enforcement uniform are you wearing? With interrogation skills like yours, we know it won't be easy to get you a riled up into a false confession. To keep things simple, we've decided to ask you a series of yes or no questions to see which branch of law enforcement signs your paychecks.

From the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the local sheriff's department, serving in law enforcement has given you a lot of experience dealing with those who might not tell the truth. Since you know what it's like, we think you will answer our questions with the same truth and honor you approach your job with. At least, we hope you'll be as honest as possible so that we can make an accurate guess about the place of employment. 

When you read the moral quandary we present, try not to overthink your response. Your truest response will ring clearly with a yes or a no before you have time to ponder the right answer. Given that you work in a field that values integrity, we trust that you will listen to your inner voice and tell us what we need to know. Will we be able to figure out which branch of law enforcement you get to call your career? 

Would you eavesdrop on your sweetheart's conversations?

Do you take the last donut left on the break room table?

If you were asked to fire your coworker, could you do it?

Would you stop to help a turtle cross the road?

When you were a kid, did you ever steal anything?

If the cashier gives you too much change, do you keep it?

You think your best friend's partner is cheating — do you say something?

Are you guilty of taking extra long lunch breaks?

Do you ever sneak a peek at someone's screen?

If you found a winning lottery ticket, would you try to find the rightful owner?

Would you ever loan money to a family member?

Do you help yourself to your best friend's refrigerator?

Would you confess to looking into someone's medicine cabinet?

Are you guilty of getting angry on the road?

Have you ever eaten a coworker's lunch?

If someone dropped their bag of groceries in front of you, would you help pick it up?

Have you ever used someone else as a scapegoat?

Would you place an injured bird back in its nest?

You accidentally left the store without paying for something — do you go back?

Have you ever tracked anyone with a tracking app?

If given the chance, would you snoop through your bosses drawers?

Have you given someone a ticket who did not deserve it?

You see someone being bullied — do you step in?

Have you ever told a little white lie to get out of doing something?

If you found a wallet, would you take it to the police station?

Your friend has spinach in their teeth — do you say something?

Would you cheat to win a game of Monopoly?

Do you peek at the exams of people sitting next to you?

If you didn't think your coworker were being treated fairly, would you speak up?

If the person in front of you at the store were short a dollar, would you pitch in?

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