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You might think your morality has nothing to do with your job, but you'd be wrong! After all, evil people don't usually go on to work for Doctors Without Borders. And saintly people don't tend to do well in the world of corporate marketing. The truth is, your career choices are always informed by the type of people you prefer to be around, who are usually folks who share your values! Don't believe us? This quiz puts that question to the test!

We're going to ask you what you'd do if you caught your father embezzling, whether there's any point in being in a platonic relationship with someone you like more than a friend, if it's OK to lie on your job applications and whether you'd ever sneak into an empty front row seat at a concert. We'll take your honest answers and use them to build a moral profile for you, which our quiz supercomputer will match to your likely career.

Ready to find out what REALLY motivates you? Do you wonder if your job is right for you? If you want to know whether your current job matches your real values, end the suspense by taking this quiz!

A scientist offers you the chance to beta-test cloning. His facility will provide you with a clone that will do your chores and go to work for you, as long as you keep the situation 100% secret. What do you do?

One afternoon at work, you spot your coworker stealing a stapler, reams of paper and manila folders for their home office. Do you rat them out to HR?

While flying, you notice there are open seats in first class (you're in coach.) Assuming you won't get caught, would it be morally OK to move into one of them?

You go out to a bar. An incredibly attractive person seems to recognize you. You aren't the person they think you are, but they're so stoked to be talking to you that you go with it. Should you tell them your real identity?

Let's say you have a teenage child and they're acting odd lately. Is it OK to break into their phone to find out what's going on with them?

You have a huge crush on your friend Pat. But Pat doesn't like you back. Is it OK to stay friends with Pat, or is your relationship tainted?

Is it ever OK to wear animal fur?

Your manager tells a racist joke at lunch. You're up for a promotion soon. Should you say the joke is unacceptable anyway?

Let's say an old friend from high school is now homeless. A group of people from your hometown has set up an online fund for your friend and they're asking you to contribute to it. How much would you give?

You discover your partner is cheating. But you have young children together who will suffer financially if you two split up. What do you do?

Have you ever pretended to be bad at a chore in order to get your partner to do it instead?

Imagine that you discover your father is embezzling from your family business to help a child he had outside of his marriage. Without this money, the child would be destitute. Do you tell your mother about the situation?

Your coworker, Sam, is consistently rude to you, but he also does more than his fair share of your department's work. Your boss congratulates you on a project for which Sam did most of the legwork. Do you share the credit?

In order to do important cancer research, a laboratory needs to clone animals. Lives could be saved by this work, but the animals won't survive it. In your opinion, what's the right thing to do?

You find out that someone you heartily dislike is up for a job at your company. The thing is, they're very qualified for the role. Do you bad-mouth them anyway?

Let's say your current partner is an artist ... a very bad one. Frustrated by rejection, she asks you one day if she should quit. What do you say?

You hire your niece to work for your company and discover she's spending half her time at work looking for a better job. What do you do?

In your opinion, is it wrong to spend money on stuff like eyebrow waxing when there are people starving in other countries?

Your teenage daughter is pregnant. The father is a juvenile delinquent who goes to her high school. Do you pressure them to get married, or is she better off as a single mom?

Have you ever lied on a job application?

Let's say you've been estranged from your abusive mother for many years. Now she needs a kidney, and you're a match. Would you help save her life or not?

You're short on rent this month. You're also a fantastic pool player, even though you don't fit the stereotype of someone who'd be good at pool. Would it be wrong to make some quick money by hustling players at the pool hall?

At a yard sale, you spot an incredibly valuable vase on sale for $10. The little old lady selling it doesn't look very wealthy. How much do you offer her for it?

While at a concert featuring your favorite bands, you notice some open seats near the front. Is it OK to move into them, or is that unfair to the people who paid full price for their seats?

You suspect your partner of cheating. Would it be wrong to take a look at their Facebook messages?

In your opinion, is it wrong to eat beef because it causes the rainforest to be logged?

Your brother wants to borrow $10,000. You can spare it, and he does have kids at home. On the other hand, he's not a trustworthy person and likely won't pay you back. Do you lend it to him?

Imagine that your best friend is cheating on his pregnant wife. Should you tell her the truth about what's going on?

Your crooked accountant shows you a way to cheat on your taxes that would save you a massive amount of money. Do you take advantage of it?

Let's say you suspect your mother's best friend Bob of being in love with her (and she with him.) One day you find a love letter from Bob to your mother, confessing his true feelings. Out of loyalty to your father, would you shred it?

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