Answer These Morality Questions and We’ll Guess Which Branch of the Military You Belong In

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One might think that everyone has the same set of morals, but if you believe that, you'd be wrong. Morals are tricky. Of course, there are some things that pretty much everyone agrees are morally wrong, like stealing or lying excessively, but a lot of times what is moral in one country or cultural group might be immoral in another. People's morals also change over their lives; what someone might think is a totally cool way to act when they're 19 years old is often unimaginable when they're 53.

When it comes to being in the military, morals are even more tricky. Someone in the armed forces has the job of protecting their country, which also means their friends and loved ones. But at the same time, military personnel have to act with force against people from other cultures that also have friends and loved ones. It's easy to see how the lines of morality get blurred.

While all branches of the military follow a strict moral code, each of them has a slightly different vibe when it comes to how they do business. Which branch of the military do your morals fit in with the best? Answer these difficult moral questions, and we'll let you know.

If you could save the life of 100 people in your country would you kill one innocent foreigner?

Your dog just nipped at a stranger, what do you do?

Do you believe in an eye for an eye?

Would you tell on someone at work who was slacking off?

Does it make you happy when bad things happen to your exes?

Do you feel bad when horrible things happen to people you don't know?

Do you ever feel that things you do are wrong?

Would you backstab someone to go further in the military?

Would you donate an organ to save the life of someone that you didn't know?

Are you the type that tells other people's secrets?

Do you ever leave work early and still make it so you get paid for the whole day?

Would you cheat on a test if you knew you wouldn't get caught?

If you were wealthy, would you give a lot of money to charity?

Would you ever stay at a friend's house for a long time without offering to pitch in some money?

Do you think it's funny to play practical jokes on people?

Would you commit a crime that made you a lot of money if you knew you wouldn't get caught?

Would you let a homeless person sleep on your couch for the night if it were cold and there was no place else for them to go?

When was the last time that you stole something?

Will you admit you're wrong just to stop an argument?

Would you lie if it benefitted someone that you love?

Would you ever cheat on your significant other?

Do you think people are poor because they don't work hard enough?

Would you hide your best friend if the police were looking for him or her?

Can you solve a problem with violence?

How often do you eat meat?

Your waitress did an awful job, and she doesn't seem to care; would you get her fired if you could?

Do you think that your culture is truly the best in the world?

You just got back too much change, do you give it back?

Would you follow any order you were given in the military without question?

Have you ever slept on the job?

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