Answer These Questions About Your Dog and We'll Guess Which Single Word Best Describes Them

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If you're fortunate enough to have had more than one dog in your life, then you know that no two dogs are exactly alike. Dogs are not people, but they have personalities, and that means all of them are their very own characters. They certainly tend to have characteristics in common with other members of their own breed, and the way they're raised and the experiences they have will also impact how they turn out, but underneath that, they certainly have a set of individual predispositions just as distinctive as those of any human.

That means knowing your dog inside out is not something you can assume - you have to get to know your dog. Of course, just as you learn about your dog, so your dog learns about you - and that brings us to the ultimate truth about your dog's personality. As the saying goes, dogs take after their owners, and that means however your dog turns out, it's likely a reflection of something deep within you as well as them. They have their own path, but they will also mirror you back to yourself - and we suspect that you're going to like what you see. So, tell us a little about your dog, and we'll figure out what kind of dog they are, and possibly even shine a little light on their loving owner while we're at it!

Does your dog know a lot of commands?

Does your dog break the rules a lot?

When you say "no", how does your dog react?

What is your dog's enemy?

Does your dog like strangers?

What weird thing does your dog do?

What is your dog's party trick?

Does your dog have any nervous tics such as chewing its own paws?

Is your dog showing any signs of slowing down since reaching adulthood?

How would your dog confront a burglar?

Does your dog let you know what he or she is thinking?

You always go for walkies at 4.30. It's 4.45 and you haven't budged. What is your dog going to do?

What kind of contact does your dog especially crave?

When you put on music, what does your dog do?

The full moon is gleaming through the window! How does your dog react?

You get a delightful new puppy. What's your dog's immediate response?

When your dog was new, did you ever have any arguments in front of it?

You encounter a new river on a walk. How does your dog react to it?

How does your dog feel about your car?

Can your dog be alone for a few hours without getting anxious?

When you get home, what is the first thing your dog does?

How does your dog feel about electric fences?

How does your dog react to thunderstorms?

Does your dog travel well?

How did your dog come to be in your life?

Is there any category of people your dog just dislikes for no apparent reason?

If you're at home working at your desk, how might your dog hang out with you?

How does your dog feel about delivery guys?

What item in your house would your dog secretly like to send into exile?

What is your dog's favorite surprise treat?

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