Answer These Questions and We’ll Give You a Useless Superpower!

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It's date night! After spending an insane amount of money on popcorn candy and drinks, you're sitting with your significant other in a movie theater, preferably on one of those snuggle chairs where you can curl up while enjoying your favorite film. And what kind of movie did you choose to watch? Why, an epic superhero movie, of course. After sitting through a half hour of previews taking note of what films you want to see in the future, your feature begins.

You're all curled up with your boo nibbling popcorn, and then it happens. Your least favorite superhero in the franchise crosses the screen. You groan out loud and hope it's only for a cameo. Unfortunately, the story took a turn, and now you're watching a superhero movie, relying on this useless hero who you despise. Sure you could have read some of the articles online about the film, but the minute you saw that there were spoilers, you backed out of it. You wish that you didn't dodge those articles now; you would have dodged this movie had you known. 

We all know there are some really useless superheroes out there. We have gathered some of the most useless superpowers in the comic book world and put them in this quiz. Take this quiz to see what your useless superpower is.

Oh, no! Someone's robbing the local bank! What do you do?

Aquaman has challenged you to an underwater race. How do you think you'd do?

Get ready to flex your muscles. The Incredible Hulk has challenged you to a weight lifting contest. Who is going to win?

Help! A shark has been spotted near the beach. How do you handle this?

A villain has made his new HQ in some frosty mountains. Are you going to be able to handle this trek?

The Super Friends have invited you to the Hall of Justice. Which area do you explore first?

Would you be able to go to a gala dressed as your alter ego?

Which of these locations would you put your HQ?

Oh, no! You're walking home when you see a thug mugging an innocent on the street. What do you do?

Batman has the Bat-Signal to tell him that the city needs him. Do you have a good relationship with the police?

Many superheroes have sidekicks. Would you want one?

Everyone knows that superheroes have uniforms. What color do you want your uniform to be?

What would best describe your archenemy?

Wonder Woman flies an invisible jet to get from one point to another. How do you get around?

The Avengers recruit you to go on a mission. Who are you looking forward to working with?

Deadpool has a belt with many pockets as a part of his uniform. What kind of gadget do you want to have?

Hawkgirl has her trusty mace to help her fight crime. Which of these weapons would you use?

Oh, no! While fighting baddies, you managed to get yourself cornered. What do you do?

Batman has a mode of transportation for every type of environment. Which one of his vehicles would you want to test drive?

Back in the day, the X-men wore blue and yellow bodysuits. What article of clothing do you regret wearing?

In 1989, Prince's "Batdance" burned up the charts. Which one of these superhero songs would you add to your playlist?

Which of the Defenders would you want to hang out with?

A superhero comes up to you and tells you that they want to dress up as you for Halloween! What profession would they want to dress up as to best describe you?

Oh, no! Thanos has all the infinity stones and is about to destroy us all! What do you do?

Ew! Some baddies are hiding in the sewers! Do you go down after them?

So your comic has taken a darker turn and now your friends are hunting you down. Where would you hide?

If you had to become a super villain, who would you choose to mentor you?

What superhero would be able to beat you single handed?

Most superheroes have a video game based off their adventures. What kind of game would yours be?

What piece of superhero merch would you buy?

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