Answer These Questions and We'll Guess If You Could Win the Great British Bake Off

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Paul Hollywood, along with his steely blue eyes and firm handshake, is the bread expert. Mary Berry, with her sweet demeanor and uplifting spirit, love a little booze with her dessert. The newest judge, Prue Leith, has picked up right where Mary Berry left off for a smooth transition. 

These judges, plus the hilarious hosts, are key parts of the Great British Bake Off. But now it's time to test your knowledge of more than just what Paul likes in his custards, and how he hates a soggy bottom. This will be a real test of baking techniques classic ingredients, and stamina in the kitchen.

What does it take to win the Great British Bake Off, you ask? You'll need to know the difference between the sponges, how to temper chocolate, what a hot water crust is, and so much more. To win the glass cake plate, you must master the signature round, the technical challenge, and finally, wow the judges with a showstopper. The good news? All of the contestants are amateur bakers! No culinary or pastry degree needed for this competition. You qualify if your friends and family are always complimenting you on your impeccable bakes, or your goodies always sell out at the local market.

What are your signature flavor combinations for savory scones?

What causes a soggy bottom?

What is a Victoria sponge?

Why is it important to add salt after the yeast in a bread recipe?

Do you bake for your friends?

What is the biggest baking mistake you've made?

What type of cake would you use for a Swiss roll?

Why is tempered chocolate ideal?

What's the best way to prevent cake additions, like chocolate chips, from sinking to the bottom?

What is the best way to keep mousse from deflating?

Why is humidity bad for baking?

How are you with time management?

Do you consider yourself good at decorating cakes?

What savory item would you serve at a holiday dinner?

What happened if your custard didn't thicken?

Why is it recommended to use room temperature ingredients?

When is best to use glass, handled measuring cups?

How soon after setting the oven temperature can you put your stuff in?

What is the best way to prepare a cake pan?

How long should you mix cookie dough once flour is added?

How can you quickly soften butter?

How would you fill a pavlova?

If a cake falls in the oven, what could have caused that?

What is the most common mixing method for batters?

How long should you bake things for?

What is the best way to measure flour?

Is it okay to use salted butter when the recipe calls for unsalted?

Is it okay to swap fresh herbs for dried?

What does adding vodka to pie crust do?

What is the one thing you should do before you even start baking?

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