Answer these Questions and We'll Guess Your Favorite Movie Car

Olivia Cantor

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Cars and movies go together well, as evident in the many unforgettable cars we've seen on the silver screen, then and now. Do you want to drive one? Even in your dreams? Why not! Let's see if we can tell which car fits your personality by answering the questions we post here. Come on, it will be a fun ride!

Imagine going down the streets as the protagonist or antagonist of your choice. Are you the bad guy chasing after the good guys? Or are you the good guy being chased by the bad guys? No matter who you are in the movie inside your mind, let us match that up with the car of your temporary cinematic dreams!

Hollywood has a lot to offer when it comes to cars. In movie sets, they call these cars "picture vehicles" because they will be seen on camera, to be driven by a character. And of course, we already know by now that a character is also defined by what he or she has in his or her cinematic life. And yes, that also means the kind of car that the screen persona has. It's a telltale sign of their behavior and actions. It's an extension of their personality.

So, based on a few fun questions, can we tell which movie car you'll drive away with? Let's take a look! 

Do you appreciate "souped-up" cars?

Do you like to drink cocktails?

Can you pretend to be someone you're not?

Do you like to tinker with new and strange gadgets?

Are you okay with befriending people older than you?

Do you like driving with your family in tow, children and all?

Do you think you can fall in love with your "own kind," whatever that kind is?

Is there a big bully in your life?

Do you want to see what will become of your life 15 years from now?

Are you cool with the police, or do they scare you?

Do you play any kind of musical instrument?

Are you popular with the ladies or with the gents, in general?

Are you OK with female drivers?

Are you cool to go to European places such as Monte Carlo?

Do you like racing for money?

Do you wear fancy clothes from time to time?

Are you good friends with some bad people?

Do you like eating in fancy restaurants from time to time?

Do you have what it takes to become a spy or a secret agent?

Do you get into lots of trouble in your life?

Can you say you are full of love?

Are you open to drinking strong alcoholic mixes like martinis?

Do you want to work in some fancy international agency?

Are you brave enough to fire a gun, if needed?

Do you think the '60s was a cool and fab decade?

Do you see yourself working for a very important high-ranking person?

Do you have many regrets in your life?

Are you open to traveling to places like Asia or South America?

Are you open to tasting food like caviar?

Do you want to travel back in time?

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