Answer These Questions and We'll Match You to the STEM Job That Fits Your Personality

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STEM jobs are the future, or at least that is what we are constantly told. This might not be true, but would you want to risk a career in easy to automate factory work when you could pursue a career in tech that will mean you ride the wave of future jobs? Certainly, some jobs, like data scientists, will be endangered by the automation revolution. You do not want that for yourself. You want a job that will stand the test of time.

STEM stands for "science, technology, engineering, and math," not to be confused with METS which stands for "bad at baseball." STEM fields include areas as diverse and flexible as programming or genetic research, and areas as rigid as a chemist, economist, and electronic engineer. These jobs will be relied on more and more as we enter the new paradigm where most commerce at least involves if not is driven by technology. Bakers didn't use to need social media people and web designers, but in this day and age, they do if they want to stay ahead of the bakers down the street.

All STEM jobs require a lot of work and discipline, so you should want to pick the right one. But which one is right for your personality? To find out, take this quiz. We will set you on the right path.

Would you consider a factory job?

Do you like to travel as a part of work?

How important is it that your job is "cool"?

Is it okay if you don't get the glory for your work?

How did you behave on the playground when you were a child?

When your family gets into an argument, what do you do?

What kind of museum would you go to in Washington, D.C.?

What hobby did you have growing up?

Which kind of evening entertainment appeals to you the most?

How's your sense of humor?

Are you okay with being a tiny cog in a big machine?

How do you feel about the issue of net neutrality?

How important is the issue of climate change?

How much do you trust companies like Facebook and Google?

Would you be willing to work for a company like GE?

How would you feel about working for an "energy" company like Exxon or Shell?

Do you feel strongly about the disparity of wealth between the wealthiest and poorest people in the world?

What challenge to personal success is the biggest one in the USA?

What single endeavor gave the most to mankind?

What technology requires the most advancement for humanity to succeed?

What interesting skill has most of humanity abandoned to the experts?

Which of these questions is the most important?

What physical thing is most important to you?

What did you admire most about your parents?

Who is your role model?

Where would you like to live?

Do you mind if no one understands your job?

How clear-eyed are you about your own shortcomings?

When you look at a painting, what do you notice first?

Do you mind if your boss makes much, much more money than you?

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